An Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker - Books 1 - 7 combined in One Volume

An Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker - Books 1 - 7 combined in One Volume

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Author: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Publisher: Art of Living Publication
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 452
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9380592787


Luminous drops of divine wisdom shower from the infinite firmament, epitomized by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and thus are born the Weekly Knowledge sheets! Like the prodigious Ganges flows benevolently from the cradle of the Himalayas to far flung thirsty lands, knowledge pours from the Master to yearning souls-knowledge that is deeply profound, yet so simple; knowledge that does not just remain in the intellect, but is beautifully and effortlessly integrated into daily life.

Week after week, amidst celebration, laughter and serenity, wisdom surges forth from the Maser on every subject conceivable to the human mind. Week after week, millions the world over, experience how the Weekly Knowledge was exactly what they needed to hear at that point in time-the perfect answer to a harbored question; the unmistakable feeling, Sri Sri wrote this just for me! This is the Ultimate Knowledge, Supreme wisdom, straight from the Source, Just for You, an intimate note from the Master to a sincere seeker.



This Begins a New Practice
Close to the Master
Prarabdha Karma and Sanchita Karma
Only Speak Knowledge; Find Comfort in Conflicts
Master is the Door
Habits and Vows
Dealing with Blame
Today is Krishna’s Birthday-Birth of the Center of Attraction
Asuya and Anasuya
The Love of the Ignorant, the anger of the Enlightened
A Liar is Unnocent
Be a Gopal
The Big Mind
The Only Thing You Must Remember
Freedom and Discipline
Discipleship Ends
Sakha-Your Reliable Sense
Shaucha and Ashaucha
Boredom and Sadhana
Who Are You-Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva-or-Guru?
How to Maintain Intimacy
All are searching for sweets; the One who finds them gives them away
Overcoming Events
The Washing Machine
Divine is All Celebration
New Year’s Celebration
Wrapping Paper
Is Guru Satisfied or Unsatisfied?
Advice from Hawaii
The Most Beautiful spot in the Universe
Indebtedness or Abundance?
Abiding in the Self
Knowledge and Faith
Desire and Joy
Faith and Love
Questions & Dealing with Desire
Blame and Misery
Sanyas & Your Associations
What You Know
Seva is Savior


When We are Joyful
Judgments and Good Company
God is a Thorough Businessman
Surrender and Responsibility
Respect Everybody as You Respect Me
Doing versus Happening
Don’t Be Grateful!
Faith, Devotion and Meditation
Infinite Patience and Smart Shopping
Surrender, Shame and Shyness
Special, or Ordinary?
Whether You Win or Lose
The Well-Baked Pot
The Fall that Rises
Which is more expensive-your smile or your anger?
The Perfect Balance
The Nine Nights of Navaratri
Celebrating the Silence
Sincerity and Blessings
In the Solitude of the Self
See the Divine
Annihilate Conflict
Desire and Prayerfulness
Faith and Happiness
How to Deal with Rude Behavior
The Five Aspects of the Universe
Self-Reliance and Surrender
New Year’s Celebration
Padmanabha-The Lotus Navel
Accept the World at Its Worst
Indigestion of Knowledge
Unknown Knowledge
Be Loved
Seva Blessings
Share Your Joy
The Eleventh Commandment
A Friend is an Enemy, an Enemy is a Friend
Simple or Complex?
Expand Your Vices
The Primal Instinct
Satsang is Shelter
Three Kinds of Love
What enhances your beauty?
Drop Your Self-Image
The World Belongs to You
Dedication and Commitment
The Way Out of Sorrow
The Divine Beyond time
Every Stone is Precious


Sensitivity Strength
The Personal and the Impersonal
The Golden Veil
With Whom Are Your At Ease?
Let Love Be
Make Everything Personal & Universal
On Respect
Window Shutters
Raksha Bandhan
Truth Once Found
A Big Dilemma
How To Get Centered
The five Insights
Five Signs of the Satguru
Six Signs of a Seeker
God as a Child
Feel Blessed
Love is Your Very Existence
Your Expressions of Love
Time and Mind
Faces of Infinity
Celebration and the Christmas Tree
A Wise Person is Happy Even in Bad Times
You are Pure Electricity
Tolerance and Acceptance are Not Virtues
False Security
Organization and Devotion
When a Mistake is Not a Mistake
Shiva and Vashi
Formality and Cordiality
You are the Tenth
Inside Out
Impression and Expression
Tarka, Vitarka and Kutarka
Softness and forcefulness
Do Not Follow Me
Confusion and Decision
You are Privileged
The Value of Chanting
Intensify Your Longing
Faith is Your Wealth
Who Wakes Up First?
Breaking Beyond the Rational Mind
If You Cannot Meditate - Be Stupid!
Give Away Your Rights
Generosity is a Quality of Spirit
The Path of Love is Surrender
It Takes Courage to Say I Am
Do You Know I Have No Mercy?


Ego Is Only an Atom
Do You Love Someone Because they Are Great or Unique?
Singing, Communication and Ego
Expansion of Consciousness Is Peace
Dependence, Independence, Interdependence And Oneness
Rest and Activity
Do It Until You Become It!
Do Not correct Your Mistakes!
The different Kinds of Understanding
The Cause of Return
What Are the Signs of Love?
The Purpose or Life
Focus and Expansion
Sublimating Lust
Recycling and Hygiene
Do You Test God, or Does God Test You ?
Welcoming and Resisting
Stimulating the Soul
Stretching the Emptiness
Love’s Wisdom
Becoming Defenceless
Love and Lust
Douht and Closeness
Attaining Self-knowledge
You and Your Time
A Prayer
The Noise of Nonviolence
Life Is Too Short, Life Is Eternal
A Deep Rest
Faith-Nature or Consciousness
Blessed Are Those Who Are Bored
Religion and Politics
Love and Renunciation
Change and Love
Thank Superficially
Satyam Param Dhimahi
Guru Is The Goal


How To Conquer Jealousy Or Envy
Anu Vrat
Knowledge As A Burden
Protection And Transformation
Who Wins?
Two Anecdotes
Compassion And Karma
Negativity Needs An Anchor
Life Is A War
Spirituality And Celebration
Sound Faith
Being In Utter Love
Homage To Amma
Death And Spirituality
Aggression As A Way to Overcome Depression
Think Fresh
The five Secrets
The Wisdom Or Secrets
Wisdom for Organizers
The Nature Or The Five Senses Is Knowledge
Five Factors That Influence The Mind
Reason To Be With A Guru
Evolution-Not Part Of The Self
Varieties OF Spirit
The Problem’s Tail
Do Not Worship Or Idolize
Feel the Pinch
Skill In Praising
News Flood
Form And Formless, Aggression and Intuition
The Goal Of All Answers
How to Handle Feverishness
How Does A Desire Arise?
Ram Navami
Desire Kills Joy And All Desires Aim For Joy
You Are Nothing
Desire For Truth
Seekers Beware
Is The Guru Responsible?
Life Without Wisdom Is Incomplete
I am Neither Honest Nor Humble
How to Deal With Humiliation
Arguments And Wrong Action


Action and Reaction
Love - The Question of an Answer
Conflict and Innocence
Problems? One More
Do Not Make a Mistake by Pointing Out Mistakes
Wise Are the Ones Who Make You Crave for the Divine
Do You Have to be Thankful and Feel Obliged?
Divine Love and the Complaining Face
The Devotee Becomes God
Devotion is Steeped in Mystery
Perfection is the Nature of the Enlightened
Ignorance of Your Capability Can Expand You
Love is the shadow of the Self
Are You a tourist or a Pilgrim?
The Bodhi Tree
Nimit-Instrument of the Divine
The Problem’s solution
Sacredness and You
I am God
Atheism is Not a Reality
To Say Sorry is a Good Mistake
Kick the Ball and Be in the goal
Important and Unimportant
Worship- A Sign of Maturity
The Kumbha Mela
The Other Side of Friendliness
Longing Itself is Divine
Back to Space
Passion and Self-Reliance
The Other Side of Fear
The Other Side of Ego
The Paradox of Sacrifice
Divine in the form and Formless
Strength and Subordination
Commitment and Convenience
Dealing with Blame and Accusation
Self-Confidence and Ambition
The Dangers of Belongingness and Advantages of Obligations
Prestige and Honor-Your Golden Cage
Life is a Dream, a Burden or a Joke
Reason and Faith
Doing Trivial Things
Joy and Sorrow
Deep Rest and Bliss
Five Types of Restlessness
Tendencies and Influences
Authenticity and Skillfulness
Time, Space and Mind


The Great Pleasure of Rest
Worry & Feelings
Who is Pleasing
Two Perspectives of the Guru
Love & Authority
Hungry for Power
You & Ownership
Reverence & Ownership
War-The Worst Act of Reason
Terrorism-the Cause & the Remedy
How to Deal with Anxiety
Is War Violence or Non-Violence?
Drop Your Intentions
Aishwarya & Madhurya
Volunteer Adulation
Confidence With Humility-the Rarest Combination
Dreaming the Impossible
Respect & Ego Maya
Letting Go of Control Memory
A Hindrance & a Blessing
Don’t be Perturbed by Foolishness
Glory & Dispassion (Vaibhav & Vairagya)
Where Dispassion is Detrimental!
Business & Spirituality
The Subtle Truth About Virtues
Humor & Humiliation
Love & Truth
An Awkward Situation
The True Yajna
Your Nature is Shiva
Praise the Fools
What Makes a Real Holiday
Wake Up & Slow Down
Communism & Spirituality
Was Buddha an Atheist?
The Strength of Commitment
Two Types of Knowledge
Friendship for a Cause
Three Types of Dispassion
Faith & Alertness
Enthusiasm & Dispassion
Guru Tidbits
Nigraha, Agraha, Satyagraha & Duraagraha
Wake Up & Transcend