Buddhism - A Modern Perspective

Buddhism - A Modern Perspective

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Author: Charles S Prebish
Editor(s): Charles S Prebish
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 346
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170304199


An introduction to Buddhism of Value both to the scholar and the reader with no prior knowledge of the subject, this book begins with a comprehensive survey of fundamentals and goes on to include topics previously untouched in introductory texts. Buddha’s life, basic Buddhist doctrines and practices, the Hinayana and Mahauama sects, Buddhist literature, schools of thought, and meditation are thoroughly discussed. For example, each basket of the Tripitaka or Buddhist canon is discussed individually, and several of the most important Mahayana sutras are considered in detail.

Much of this book is devoted to Indian Buddhism, but discussions of Buddhism in china and Japan are also prominent. In addition, this book considers Ceylon and Tibet as well as Southeast Asia and Korea-areas rarely treated in introductory texts. The unique feature of the articles on Buddhism outside India is the attention focused on Buddhism in the modern world.

The discussion of Buddhism in the West includes a useful appendix giving the locations of Buddhist groups in the United States. The book concludes with an extensive glossary of key words used in the text and a thorough and valuable bibliography.





1. The background to Buddhism/Stephan V. Beyer.
2. Life of the Buddha/Charles S. Prebish.
3. Early history of the Buddhist order/Charles S. Prebish.
4. Buddhist councils and divisions in the order/Charles S. Prebish.
5. Asoka and the Missionary activity of the Buddhists/Stefan Anacker.
6. Doctrines of the early Buddhists/Charles S. Prebish.
7. Major schools of the early Buddhists: Mahasamghika/Charles S. Prebish.
8. Major schools of the early Buddhists: Theravada/Charles S. Prebish.
9. Major schools of the early Buddhists : Sarvastivada/Charles S. Prebish.
10. Kaniska/Stefan Anacker.
11. The Vinaya Pitaka/Charles S. Prebish.
12. The Sutra Pitaka/Francis H. Cook.
13. The Abhidharma Pitaka/Stefan Anacker.
14. The rise of the Mahayana/Lewis R. Lancaster.
15. The Prajnaparamita literature/Lewis R. Lancaster.
16. Doctrines of the Mahayana/Lewis R. Lancaster.
17. Major schools of the Mahayana: Madhyamika/Douglas D. Daye.
18. Major schools of the Mahayana: Yogacara/Stefan Anacker.
19. The Saddharmapundarika - Sutra/Mark A. Ehman.
20. The Vimalakirti-Nirdesa Sutra/Stefan Anacker.
21. The Lankavatara Sutra/Mark A. Ehman.
22. The pure land Sutras/Mark A. Ehman.
23. Cosmology/Douglas D. Daye.
24. Buddhist logic/Douglas D. Daye.
25. Nirvana/Francis H. Cook.
26. The doctrine of meditation in the Hinayana/Stephan V. Beyer.
27. The doctrine of meditation in the Mahayana/Stephan V. Beyer.
Part II: Buddhism outside India
28. Early history of Buddhism in Ceylon/Mark A. Ehman.
29. Monastic life in Ceylon/Charles S. Prebish.
30. Introduction of Buddhism to Southeast Asia and subsequent history up to the eleventh century/Stefan Anacker.
31. Medieval Buddhism in southeast Asia/Stefan Anacker.
32. The spread of Buddhism into China/Roger J. Corless.
33. History of Buddhism in China/Roger J. Corless.
34. Ch’an/Roger J. Corless.
35. Ching-t’u/Roger J. Corless.
36. Chinese academic schools and doctrinal innovations/Francis H. Cook.
37. Chinese Buddhism and the communist regime/Roger J. Corless.
38. Introduction of Buddhism to Korea and subsequent development/Lewis R. Lancaster.
39. Buddhism in Korea survives suppression and change/Lewis R. Lancaster.
40. Introduction of Buddhism to Japan and its development during the Nara period/Francis H. Cook.
41. Heian, Kamakura, and Tokugawa periods in Japan/Francis H. Cook.
42. Japanese innovations to Buddhism/Francis H. Cook.
43. Japanese Buddhism and the new religions/Francis H. Cook.
44. Buddhism in Tibet/Stephan V. Beyer.
45. Buddhism and the west/Roger J. Corless.