Akshyanivi-Debala Mitra Felicitation Volume

Akshyanivi-Debala Mitra Felicitation Volume

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Author: Gouriswar Bhattacharya
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 1991
Language: English
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170302757


This volume is meant to honour an outstanding scholar and an efficient Director General of the Archaeological Survey of India, Dr Debala Mitra, who has drawn admiration from her various colleagues, both Indian and foreign. These scholars have contributed valuable articles in appreciation of her careful and learned contributions.

Dr Debala Mitra was both a serious academician and an indefatigable worker as an archaeologist. As a Buddhist scholar she is renowned for her voluminous works and as a field worker she is credited with several important excavations. But what makes her so loving and admirable to the scholarly world is her humbleness. And in that respect she represents undoubtedly the traditional Indian concept of a scholarly personality, viz. bhavanti namras taravah phalagame, the trees bow down (only) due to the weight of fruits. Dr Mitra has retired from her official career but not from her educational pursuits.

This volume contains writings on various topics of Indian archaeology starting from the pre-historic Mohen-Jo-Daro upto the late medieval period. As Mitra herself is a scholar embracing a wide field of Indology so a host of scholars have contributed to various topics on Indian art and archaeology belonging to a long period and wide area. As she was also engaged in the field work of excavation and in the study of art in Nepal, this volume contains three articles on the art and architecture of Nepal. We thank all our friends and scholars who share our feelings in congratulating Dr Debala Mitra on her sixty-fifth birthday.


1. The Indus script in the light of the cultural interaction with the near east and the recent reappriasal of the dating of the Harappan culture/E C L During Caspers.
2. Harappan civilisation: authorship and impact/Krishnadatta Bajpai.
3. Ecological background of Chalcolithic culture in West Bengal-a case study between Damodar and Ajay Valley/Asok Datta.
4. Palaeohistory of West Bengal: Palaeolithic stage/Manibrata Bhattacharya.
5. Proto-historic civilisation of Tamralipta/P K Maity.
6. Material culture of early historical period-some observations in archaeological reference/Nisar Ahmad.
7. A note on a Brahmi inscription of Asoka from Pakistan/B N Mukherjee.
8. The Indian Terracottas from ancient Memphis; are they really Indian?/James C Harle.
9. A unique Sunga plaque of Goddess Laksmi from Kosam/Prithvi Kumar Agrawala.
10. New perspective in the appreciation of the Gandharan culture: a contribution from the sphragistic/Pierfrancesco Callieri.
11. The Usnisa and the Brahmarandhra: an aspect of light symbolism in Gandhra Buddha images/Deborah Klimburg Salter and Maurizio Taddei.
12. The Bodhisattva with the Flask: Siddhartha or maitreya?/Wibke Lobo.
13. Migration of a Terracotta motif in the Kushan period/Samir Kumar Mukherjee.
14. A Kashmiri image of the moon-God/Pratapaditya Pal.
15. Vaikuntha/Thomas S. Maxwell.
16. Towards the identification of a woodcut illustration of the Aparimitayur (Nama) Jnana Mahayanasutra/Lore Sander.
17. Tradition in Indian narrative painting in Central Asia/Dieter Schlingloff.
18. Dipankara Buddha at Ajanta/Suresh Vasant.
19. Vidhura Pandita Jataka-from Barhut to Ajanta: A Study of narrative, semiological and stylistic aspects/Ratan Parimoo.
20. Mahisasuramardini in the early art of Haryana/Devendra Handa.
21. A recently discovered step-well and questions of Cahamana patronage in the eighth century A.D/Michael W. Meister.
22. Prayaga-patta: a slab in the British Museum depicting Prayaga and the fish incarnation of Visnu/Nilakantha Purushottama Joshi.
23. Paramara temples at Borut/B.L. Nagarch.
24. Bengal, after the Guptas: A prelude to the Matsyanyaya/Chitrarekha Gupta.
25. The implications of Bodhgaya’s Surya as a symbol of Enlightenment/Janice Leoshko.
26. The Mahabodhi temple before its restoration/J.P. Losty.
27. Au Suget de representations indienees de Vairocana et de ses Mudra/Mireilla Benisti.
28. A rare image of Cunda in the National Museum collection/Shashi Asthana.
29. A singular bronze from Nalanda: a Snippet in the history of Pan-Asian Buddhist art and thought/Debjani and Prangopal Paul.
30. Stucco statuary in eastern India/Gautam Sengupta.
31. Early Buddhist sculpture at Kurkihar: Images of Bodhisattvas and Taras/Claudine Bautze-Picron.
32. Tradition of early Caturbhuja images of Visnu on stone plaques from Bengal/Amita Ray.
33. The munificence of lady Catuhsama/Gouriswar Bhattacharya.
34. Stupas at Ratnagiri: Image and text/Nancy Hock.
35. Problems of coinage of Kamta-Kuch Behar A NE state of India/P.K. Bhattacharyya.
36. Timmalapura and its temples/Vasundhara Filliozat.
37. The identification of the fourth Tantra Pitha, Purnagiri/R. Nagaswamy.
38. Early Chola Brahmadeyas-a study/S. Swaminathan.
39. A study of a unique place name: Raravi/N.N. Swamy.
40. Ritual transactions and economic exchanges in late medieval South India: a study of the cultural politics of Vijayanagara Warrior Chieftains of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries/Venkata Raghotham.
41. A Kusana Nagi mother in Nepal/Adalbert G. Gail.
42. Lotus and snake-two prominent motifs of the Napalese Caitya/Niels Gutschow.
43. The Sankhamula ghats near patan, Nepal/Heimo Rau.
44. Designs of Kota artists/Joachim Bautze.