The Ayurvedic System of Medicine     ( 2 Vol. Set)

The Ayurvedic System of Medicine ( 2 Vol. Set)

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Author: Kaviraj Nagendra Nath Sengupta
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 1096
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170305950


The present work is an exhaustive treatise on Ayurveda based on the works of Charaka, Susruta, Vagbhatta and other Ayurvedic texts.

The present book in two volumes contains extensive introduction about Ayurveda, treatment of diseases, methods of preparations of Ayurvedic medicines, Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia and allied topics.




1. Health.
2. Diagnosis of disease and the pulse.
3. Examination of the urine, eyes, tongue and mouth.
4. Arsta Laksana (Prognostications of death).
5. Diseases--how to ascertain.
6. Fever.
7. Spleen.
8. Liver.
9. Jvaratisara (Fever with Diarrhoea).
10. Atisara (Diarrhoea).
11. Pravahika (Dysentery).
12. Grahani (Diseases of the Intestine).
13. Haemorrhoids or piles.
14. Agnimanda and Ajirna (Anorexia, loss of appetite and indigestion).
15. Visucika (Cholera).
16. Alasaka and Vilamvika (Tympanites).
17. Krmi (Worms).
18. Pandu and Kamala (Chlorosis, Anaemia and Jaundice).
19. Raktapitta (Hemorrhage).
20. Ksaya Kasa (Phthisis, Ulceration of the LUngs and consumption).
21. Kasa Roga (Cough and Bronchitis).
22. Hicca and Shasa-Roga (Hiccough and Asthma).
23. Svarabheda (Hoarseness of voice).
24. Arocaka (Disgust for food).
25. Chhadari or Vamana (Vomiting and nausea).
26. Trisna-Roga (Thirst).
27. Murchha, Bhrama and Sanyasa (Swoons, vertigo and apoplexy).
28. Madatyaya (Diseases of intoxication).
29. Daha Roga (Burning of the skin).
30. Unmada Roga (Insanity).
31. Apasmara (Epilepsy).
32. Vata Vyadhi (Diseases of the nervous system).
33. Vata Rakta (Leprosy).
34. Urustambha (Paraplegia).
35. Amavata (Acute rheumatism).
36. Sula (Colic).
37. Udavartta and Anaha (Intestinal and other kinds of obstruction).
38. Gulma Roga (Neurasthenic tumours).
39. Hrdaya-Roga (Heart disease).
40. Mutrakrichchra and Mutraghata (Strangury and retention of urine).
41. Asmari (Calculus or stone).
42. Prameha (Urinary troubles and diseases of the Urethra).
43. Soma Roga (Diabetes).
44. Sukra Taralya and Dhvayabhanga (Spermatorrhoea and impotence).
45. Medo-Roga (Obesity).
46. Karsya-Roga (Emaciation).
47. Udara-Roga (Abdominal dropsy).
48. Sotha-Roga (Oedema).
49. Kosavrddhi Roga (Enlargement of the scrotum).
50. Galaganda Roga (Bronchocele and enlargement of Thyroid glands.
51. Slipada (Elephantiasis).
52. Vidradhi and Vrana (Abscess and Ulcer).
53. Bhagandara (Fistula-in-ano).
54. Phiranga Roga (Syphilis and Bubo).
55. Kustha (Leprosy).
56. Sitapitta (Urticaria).
57. Amlapitta (Dyspepsia).
58. Visarpa (Erysipelas and boils).
59. Romanti and Vasanta (Measles and small-pox).
60. Ksudra-Roga (Minor diseases).
61. Mukha-Roga (Diseases of mouth).
62. Karna-Roga (Diseases of the ear).
63. Nasa-Roga (Diseases of nose)
64. Netra-Roga (Diseases of the eye).
65. Siro-Roga (Head-aches).
66. Stri-Roga (Diseases of women).
67. Garbhini-Roga (Treatment of pregnant women).
68. Sutika-Roga (Diseases after delivery).
69. Diseases of the breasts and the faults of milk.
70. Bala-Roga (Diseases of the children).
71. Visa-Cikitsa (Poisons and their treatment).
72. Jalamajjan Udvandhan-Cikitsa (Treatment of persons suffocated by drowning and hanging.
73. Sardi-Garmi (Heat-apoplexy).
74. Atapa Vyapad (Sunstroke).
75. Tattvonmada (Religious excitement).
76. Tandava Tavyadhi (Chorea of St. Vitus's dance).
77. Pharmacopoeia.
78. The methods of purifying minerals etc.
79. Various kinds of puta or methods of boiling, roasting, etc.
80. The different kinds of vessels or Yantras used in Hindu Pharmacy.
81. Technical names.
82. Preparation of sick-regimen.
83. Fevers born of wind.
84. Bile-born fevers.
85. Phlegm-born fevers.
86. Fevers born of wind and bile.
87. Fevers born of wind and Phlegm.
88. Fevers born of bile and Phlegm.
89. Acute fevers.
90. Fevers born of all the faults.
91. Ardent fevers.
92. The medicines of fevers born of all the faults.
93. Mature and intermittent fevers.
94. Enlargement of the spleen and the liver.
95. Fever with Diarrhoea.
96. Diarrhoea (Immature or acute Diarrhoea).
97. Lienteric dysentry.
98. Piles.
99. Loss of appetite and indigestion.
100.Visucika. 101.
101.Intestinal worms.
102.Chlorosis and Anaemia.
106.Hiccup and Asthma.
107.Hoarseness of voice.
108.Disgust for food.
111.Swoons, vertigo and apoplexy.
113.Burning of the skin.
116.Diseases of the nervous system.
117.Tubercular leprosy.
119.Acute rheumatism.
120.Sula (Pains).
121.Diseases due to constipated wind.
122.Abdominal tumours.
123.Chest diseases.
124.Strangury and retention of urine.
128.Liquidity of the semen and loss of virile power.
130.Abdominal dropsy.
131.Edoema or inflammation.
133.Bronchocele and Goitre.
135.Deep-seated and other abscesses.
138.Leprosy and Leucoderma.
141.Erysipelas and mallgnant boils.
142.Small pox.
143.Minor skin-diseases.
144.Diseases of the mouth.
145.Diseases of the ear.
146.Diseases of the nose.
147.Diseases of the eye.
149.Diseases of women.
150.Diseases of pregnancy.
151.Puerperal diseases.
152.Diseases of children.
153.Rasayana or tonic.
154.Vajikarana or the use of aphrodisiacs.
155.Totka treatment or the use of domestic medicines.