The Ayurveda Encyclopedia - Natural Secrets to Healing, Prevention & Longevity

The Ayurveda Encyclopedia - Natural Secrets to Healing, Prevention & Longevity

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Author: Swami Sada Shiva Tirth
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 685
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170308011


This book contains all the ingredients for a healthy life. Discover the secrets of natural healing through stress-reduction techniques, personalized health programs, purposeful career, deepening spirituality, herbs, nutrition, aromas, yoga, meditation, music, colors, massage, and more. The most complete and in-depth book on Ayurveda with photographs of 85 major Ayurvedic herbs, and 89 photographs on Ayurvedic hatha yoga for general health, pregnancy, and seniors.

This book is destined to become your major source for natural, effective, and inexpensive holistic health therapies. Simply written for beginners, yet thorough and in-depth for medical and holistic practitioners and pharmacists.



I. Fundamentals:
1. Overview.
2. The human universe.
II. Analysis:
3. Analyzing constitutions and illness.
III. Therapeutics:
4. Herbology.
5. Glossary.
6. Nutrition.
7. Pancha Karma.
8. Aromatherapy.
9. Hatha Yoga and Pranayama.
10. Sound Therapy: Mantras, Chakras, and Music.
11. Color and gems.
12. External influences: lifestyle, seasons, exercise.
13. Psychology, ethics and spiritual counseling.
IV. Specific Illnesses & Diseases:
14. Circulatory system:
i. Bleeding.
ii. Anemia.
iii. Heart.
iv. Blood pressure.
v. Arteriosclerosis.
vi. Paraplegia.
15. Digestive system:
i. Anorexia.
ii. Vomiting.
iii. Diarrhea/dysentery.
iv. Digestion.
v. Abdomen.
vi. Jaundice.
vii. Gall stones.
viii. Dyspepsia.
ix. Indigestion.
x. Gastroenteritis.
xi. Colic.
xii. Hyperacidity.
xiii. Gastritis.
xiv. Malabsorption.
xv. Parasites.
xvi. Constipation.
xvii. Hemorrhoids.
xviii. Obesity.
xix. Candida.
xx. Ulcers.
xxi. Toxin (Ama).
16. Infections and wounds:
i. Fever.
ii. Abscess.
iii. Sinus.
iv. Wounds.
v. Inflammatory ulcers.
vi. Fractures/dislocations.
17. Respiratory system:
i. Cough.
ii. Breathing.
iii. Hiccup.
iv. TB.
v. Cold.
18. Urinary system:
i. Urine.
ii. Diabetes.
19. Ear, Nose, Throat, Mouth, and Eyes:
i. Ears.
ii. Nose.
iii. Catarrh.
iv. Hoarse throat.
v. Eyes.
vi. Mouth.
20. Nervous system:
i. Convulsions.
ii. Sciatica.
iii. Insanity.
iv. Epilepsy.
v. Addictions.
vi. Alcohol recovery.
vii. Fainting.
viii. Coma.
ix. Wasting.
x. Multiple sclerosis.
xi. Parkinsons.
xii. Alzheimers.
21. Skin:
i. Warts.
ii. Skin.
iii. Leukoderma.
iv. Herpes zoster.
22. Neoplasm/Abnormal growths:
i. Scrotum.
ii. Fistula.
iii. Elephantiasis.
iv. Hernia.
v. Tumors.
vi. Cancer.
23. Reproductive System:
i. Females.
ii. Childbirth.
iii. Planets and newborns.
iv. Males.
v. Venereal diseases.
24. Immune system:
ii. Epstein barr.
iii. Allergies.
25. Metabolic system:
i. Edema.
ii. Meningitis.
iii. Quinsy.
iv. Tonsillitis.
v. Abscesses.
vi. Goiter.
vii. Hyperthyroidism.
viii. Benign tumors.
ix. Gout.
x. Thirst.
26. Miscellaneous:
i. Three vital organs--heart, head, bladder.
ii. Headaches, migraines.
iii. Arthritis, rheumatism.
iv. Dangerous spiritual practices.
v. Herbs for tissues and organs.
vi. Gland definitions.
vii. Organs and Doshas.
viii. When to take herbs.
ix. Herbal recipes.
x. Mutually incompatible foods.
xi. Herb preparation and use.
xii. Herb mixing.
xiii. Ayurvedic acupuncture.
27. Outer Healing:
i. Beauty care.
ii. External influences of architecture.
iii. Vastu Shastra.
iv. Feng Shui.
v. Scientific research.

1. Sanskrit alphabet.
2. Dosha self test.
3. Client health history form.
4. Dosha food plans.
5. Resources.
6. Glossary.
7. Bibliography.
8. Index.
9. End poem.