The Wealth of Indian Alchemy & Its Medicinal Uses   (Set of  2 Volumes)

The Wealth of Indian Alchemy & Its Medicinal Uses (Set of 2 Volumes)

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Author: B Mukherji
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 1479
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170305829


The main concept of Rasa sastra is to transform base/lower metals into noble/higher metals and to strengthen and maintain the body tissue in a healthy state and to cure the diseases. Therefore to achieve Lohavedha (transformation of metals) and Dehavedha (transformation of metals) and Dehavedha (transformation of body tissues) this system of Rasa Sastra was evolved and developed. The Rasa sastra has laid stress on the Rasayana concept of Ayurveda to promote positive health through prevention of ageing and diseases.

The present book is the revised English translation of the Rasa Jala Nidhi. As the name denotes this book is the ocean of Rasa Sastra giving procedures for purifications of mercury, medicinal uses etc.




1. Requisites for Metallurgical Operations
2. Initiation of Disciple
3. Parada (Mercury)
4. Natural Blemishes of Mercury
5. Dying of Mercury
6. Apparata (Yantras)
7. Definitions
8. Making of Gold
9. Uprasas
10. Metals
11. Ratnas (Gems)
12. Ksharas (Alkalis)
13. Lavanas (Salts)
14. Visha (Poisons)
15. Upavisha (Semi-Poisons)
16. Tailapatana (Extraction of Oil) from Seeds of any Kind
17. Sandhanas (Liquors)
18. Paribhasha (Definitions)
19. General Directions for Taking Drugs
20. Fever
21. Jvaratisara (Fever with Diarrhoea)
22. Irregularity of the Digesting Heat: Its Causes, symptoms and Indications
23. Piles
24. Diseases Affecting the Belly
25. Raktapitta (Haemeptosis)
26. Phthisis or Consumption
27. Cough
28. Asthma and Hiccough
29. Hoarseness
30. Diseases Affecting the Heart
31. Amlapitta or Acidity and Biliousness
32. Shula (All Sorts of Pain in the Belly including Colic)
33. Gulma (A Kind of Tumour in the Belly)
34. Krimiroga (Worms and Bacilii)
35. Pandu (Anaemia), Kamala (Jaundice)
36. Arochaka (Aversion to Food)
37. Vomiting
38. Thirst
39. Medas (Obesity)
40. Thinness
41. Daha (Sensation of Heat)
42. Madya-Pana-Vikara (Diseases of Drinking Wine)
43. Murchha (Loss of Consciousness)
44. Sannyasa (Malignant Swoon)
45. Apasmara (Epilepsy)
46. Unmada (Insanity)
47. Ama-vata (Gout and Rheumatism)