Heartcare in Ayurved

Heartcare in Ayurved

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Author: P H Kulkarni
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 245
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170307090


The first real drug to treat high blood pressure was given to the rest of the world by India's indigenous system of medicine, the Ayurveda wherein roots of the plant Rauwolfia seprentina had been used for various ailment.

Present study deals with an investigation on the hypotensive response of Terminalia arjuna. Wright and Arnott, a medicinal plant from the Indian System of Medicine I.e. Ayurveda. Arjuna extract had produced a significant fall of blood pressure along with decrease in heart rate, and these actions were mediated through both central and peripheral mechanism. T. around is not a cardiontonic but is an effective depressant. Like digitals, it is also a good diuretic.



1. Pharmacological study on Terminalia Arjuna. Weight and arnott, a plant from Ayurvedic system of medicine with special reference to its effect on cardiovascular system/H.C. Prasad.
2. Evaluation of Ayurvedic management of Vataja Hrdroga/Rajendra S. Huparikar.
3. Management of stable angina with an indigenous herbal drug/A.K. Awasthi.
4. The clinical assessment of Ayurvedic drugs of Ayurved Rasashala, Pune. In the treatment Og obesity (Medoroga)/Prakash Paranjpe.
5. The role of Ayurvedic drugs on hypertension with special ref. To Gokshura, Arjuna, Shunthi/Sanjay Pund. Other study:
6. Heart disease - Ayurvedic prespective/Vaidya Vilas Nanal.
7. Introduction of Urahpundarika Dharayantra and the management of Hrdayarogas with Urodhara/P.K. Dharmapalan.
8. The Ayurvedic etiology and treatment of congestive heart failure/Scott Gerson.
9. Ayurvedic concept of heart, risk factors and its preventive and curative measures/N.C. Shah.
10. Corelation between site of myocardian infaction and deha prakriti/Vishnu Joglekar.
11. Jharmohara : a multy utility drug for heart diseases/Vishnu Joglekar.
12. Holistic approach on heart disease/P.R. Sukumaran Nair.
13. Effect of juice of ‘Solanum nigrum’ Linn on isolated frog’s heart/S.P. Shirwalkar.
14. Know about heart/Rajendra S. Huparikar.
15. Substances having action on heart/J.K. Barde.
16. Cardiovasular homoeopathic medicines/Hari Tulshiram Gholap. Other disciplines:
17. Shavsana - corpse posture for management of hypertension/Sudhakar V. Petkar.
18. Cardiac Yoga/Nitin Unkale.
19. Diet in heart diseases/Pradnya M. Akkalkotkar.
20. Hypertension and life style modification/Mahesh Kagali.
21. Working with nature and colonic irrigation/N.D. Margaret Wright. Abstracts:
22. Risk factors for coronary artery disease/Satej Janorkar.
23. Role of PTCA in coronary artery disease/A.B. Chandorkar.
24. Recent advances in coronary artery bypass grafing/Manoj J. Pradhan.
25. Clinical evaluation of hearto in ischaemic heart diseases/G.S. Tomar.
26. A controlled study to evaluate the efficacy of ‘PRASHAM’ in essential hypertension/Abhang Ranjana and Bhat Kalyani.
27. Sarpagandha as an antihypertensive agent/Abhang Ranjana.
28. The study of management of Vatic Hridroga with special reference to Charakokta Pranavruta Udana/Prafulla Soman.
29. Studies on Ayurvedic concept of etiopathology and management of Hridroga (heart disease)/Gurudip Singh.
1. Ayurvidya.
2. Madhujivana.
3. Ayurved Patrika.
4. Madhujivan hriday - hrdrog special issue Aug. 97.
5. J. Nima.