Ayurveda Therapy

Ayurveda Therapy

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Author: P H Kulkarni
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 417
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170306949


The Ancient sages (Rishies and Munees) discovered, different kinds of plants, minerals and animal products after continuous study, observation, experiments, reflection and judgement. There were centuries of contributions by others. Ayurveda has given us this knowledge for the health of all.

Health-care and combating disease are the double motives of Ayurveda. Consumable medicines and behaviour are to be used suitably to fight disease. These medicines include different plants, minerals and materials of animal and marine origin. However, these substances cannot be used as they are since they are no Satmya (Assimilable) to the body, and they have to be processed indifferent ways. Refining by pounding of sifting, brewing, extracting fresh juice, are all primary steps after which different kinds of Kalpa (Formulation) are made, from them. In short, pure and useful products (that are Satmya) to body are prepared from raw materials and this may called as production of medicines or Aushadhi Nirman.

Any Kalpa is made only after the primary steps like squeezing out the juice from the material, refining the material, crushing it, letting it brew in water, mixing its coarse practicles with hot water and straining it etc e g. Making the material fine, mixing it with particular medicines while making guti-Vati or boiling the crushed material and combining it while making Asava-arishta an elementary procedures.


1. Asava.
2. Arishta.
3. Quatha.
4. Avaleha (Jam): Ghanavaleha.
5. Avaleha - Pravahi (Syrups).
6. Bhasma.
7. Choorna:
Ekeri Choorna (Single powders).
Mishra Choorna (Mixed powers)
Quatha Choorna (Coarse powders for fresh decoctions).
8. Ghruta: Siddha Ghruta (Medicated Ghee).
9. Guti - Vati - Tablets: Bhasma Vati - Bhasma Tablets.
10. Guti - Vati - Guggula (Guggula Vati - Guggula Tablets).
11. Parpati Vati (Parpati Tablets).
12. Guti - Vati - Rasa.
13. Gutivati (Suvarnayukta).
14. Kupipakwa Rasayan.
15. Lepagoli (Varti).
16. Malam (Ointments).
17. Netra Bindu (Eye drops).
18. Parpati.
19. Pishti.
20. Sharkara Kalpa (Granules).
21. Siddha Taila (Medicated oils).
22. Other preparations