Mathematics as Known to the Vedic Samhitas

Mathematics as Known to the Vedic Samhitas

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Author: M D Pandit
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 1993
Language: English
Pages: 260
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170303680


This book is written with the view to examine and ascertain whether the Vedas really contain any consideration on mathematics in the real sense. The study is purposefully limited to nine Vedic texts which go by the name Samhitas. The present study deals with the arithmatics only. As one goes through the Vedic Samhitas and examines and interprets the mathematical data, one cannot but be impressed by the high stage of mathematical development in those ancient times.

The books contains following chapters Introductory, Scope of the Present work, the sequence or the -Serial order of the numbers, Characteristic features of the Vedic number system, the methods of counting, The ordinal numbers, Numbers without Number-words, Number as adjectives, Types of Mathematical Operations, Signs and Sign words for Mathematical operations, The concept of sets or groups, Examples of addition, Examples of subtraction, Examples of multiplication, Examples of division, The concept of fractions, Squares, Square-roots, Cubes, Cube-roots, Arithmetic and Geometric progression, Zero, The base 10, The Zero, Resume, Appendix-A, Appendix -B, Bibliography and Abbreviations and Subject Index.




1. Introductory
2. Scope of the present work
3. The sequence or the serial order of the numbers
4. Characteristic features of the Vedic number system
5. The methods of counting
6. The ordinal numbers
7. Numbers without number-words
8. Numbers as adjectives
9. Types of mathematical operations
10. Signs and sign-words for mathematical operations
11. The concept of sets or groups
12. Examples of addition
13. Examples of subtraction
14. Examples of multiplication
15. Examples of division
16. The concept of fractions
17. Squares, square-roots, cubes, cube-roots
18. Arithmetic and geometric progression
19. Zero
20. The base 10
21. The concept of position
22. The journey of zero
23. Resume