Prajnaparamita - Ratna - Guna - Samcaya - Gatha  (Sanskrit + Tibetan Text)

Prajnaparamita - Ratna - Guna - Samcaya - Gatha (Sanskrit + Tibetan Text)

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Author: E Obermiller
Editor(s): E Obermiller
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 1992
Language: multilingual
Pages: 125
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170303028


This volume represents a summary of the Prajna-parmita in verse, its gatha portion, similar to the gathas of the Lankavatara and those or 5h3 Dasabhumaka-sutra. The language of this text is the Gatha dialect or as mixed Sanskrit.

The Tibetan translation of the Samcaya as a separate text has been made by the famous lo-tsa-va Paltseg. The version of the Samcaya as the 84th chapter of the Astadasasahasrika is the work of Ye-Sei-De the chief translator of the Sutras in the Kangyur.

This edition of the Samcaya has been prepared on the foundation of a Chinese xylograph which has been discovered by Prof. M Tubiansky in Mongolia, in the monastery of Manjusri (Mandzusriin Kiit)