A journey through the Kingdom of Oude in 1849 - 1850  (2 Vol. Set)

A journey through the Kingdom of Oude in 1849 - 1850 (2 Vol. Set)

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Author: W H Sleeman
Publisher: Asian Educational Services
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 761
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120611047


This narrative of a "Pilgrimage" through the kingdom of Oude was written by the late Major General Sir William Sleeman in 1851, while a Resident at the Court of Lucknow, at the request of the Governor General the Marquess of Dalhousie, in order to acquaint the Honorable Company with the actual condition of that kingdom, and with the view of pointing out the best measures to be suggested to the King for the improvement and amelioration of the country and people.

So early as October, 1847, the King of Oude had been informed by the Governor-General, that if his system of rule were not materially amended (for it was disgraceful and dangerous to any neighboring power to permit its continuance in its present condition) before two years had expired, the British Government would find it necessary to take steps for such purpose in his name. Accordingly on the 16th September, 1848, the governor General commissioned the author to make a personal visit to all parts of the kingdom.

This narrative contains an unvarnished but unexaggerated picture of the actual state of Oude, with many remedial suggestions; but direct annexation formed no part of the policy which Sir William Sleeman recommended. To this measure he was strenuously opposed, as is distinctly proved by his letter appended to the journal.



Biographical Sketch of Major-General Sir W H Sleeman, KCB


Private Correspondence preceding the Journey through the Kingdom of Oude

Chapter 1
Departure from Lucknow
to King of Oude and King of the Fairies - Surafraz Mahal

Chapter II
Bahraetch to Murder of Mr. Ravencroft of the Bengal Civil Service at Bhinga in 1823

Chapter III
Legendary tale of breach of Faith to Local ties in groves, wells etc.

Chapter IV
Recross the Goomtee river to Children preserved by them in their dens and nurtured

Chapter V
Salone district to Crowd the city, and tend to alienate the Court from the people

Chapter VI
Nawabgunge, midway between Cawnpoor and Lucknow to Sheikh Hushmut Allee of Sundeela


Chapter I
Sundeela to Insolence and impunity with which they oppress the Hindoos of the town

Chapter II
Infanticide to The Sakhoo or Saul trees of the forest

Chapter III
Lonee Singh, of the Ahbum Rajpoot's tribe to Mulika Zumanee, Her History and that of her son and daughter

Chapter IV
Nuseer-od Deen Hyder's death to Probable effects of such a change on the feelings and interests of the people of Oude

Chapter V
Baree-Biswa district to How such atrocious characters find followers, and landholders of high degree to screen, shelter and aid them.

Chapter VI
Adventures of Maheput Singh of Bhowaneepoor to Recollection of the ascent of a balloon at Lucknow and End of the pilgrimage.

Private correspondence subsequent to the journey through the Kingdom of Oude, and relating to the Annexation of Oude to British India.