Language as a Dynamic Text - Essays on Language, Cognition and Communication

Language as a Dynamic Text - Essays on Language, Cognition and Communication

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Author: R Amritavalli
Publisher: Allied Publishers
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 134
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170239435


This is a collection of eight recent essays (six published between 1994 and 1997) that seek to integrate the insights of modern linguistics into the study of media and education. The title essay outlines the common ground of creativity on which stand ordinary language use, improvisation in Karnatak music, and poetic composition in oral societies. This theme is extended in an essay on chunking that recognizes the continuum between on-line creativity and access to prefabricated forms of knowledge routines. How available media shape the very nature of knowledge is the subject of a third essay that investigates the relation between technology and science, and of orality to certain educational values.

Two essays examine the language of pictures presented by film and television, showing how here as in language, the universal and the particular play their part. The remaining three essays attempt a theoretical understanding of the practical issue of incorporating visual and aural media into language learning.

This book is part of a series of publications called CIEFL Akshara series launched by the Central Institute of English and foreign Languages, Hyderabad, on its 40th year of inception. Established in 1958 by he Government of India to improve the standard of the teaching of English in the country, it acquired its present name and status as a deemed university in 1973 with the inclusion of foreign languages in its programme.


Language as a dynamic text (1994)

Media and Language Acquisition (1995)

Communication, technology, and the evolution of systems of knowledge and education (1996)

Chunking, lexical phrases and collocations: The grammar of words (1997)

Pictured realities and pictures of reality: Cross-cultural intelligibility of the visual in television (1996)

Global pictures, individual responses: A case-study approach to message construction (1997)

Understanding English by Radio (1988)

A Philosophy for English by Radio (1985)