Roots of Indian Civilization

Roots of Indian Civilization

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Author: I K Sarma
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 220
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175740930


The collection of Essays on Pre and Protohistoric Cultures brings to light some facets on the Roots of Indian Civilization.

Some of the essay were presented at the National International Seminars and well received by the scholarly world. There have been persistant enquiries from both the scholars and students, as well, for copies of some of these papers. The author has included some latest discoveries and researches also.






1. In the Foot Steps of Robert Bruce Foote
2. Researches in Pre, Protohistoric and Historical Archaeology of Karnataka
3. Pre and Protohistoric Assemblages in Tamilnadu and Kerala : An Appraisal
4. From Prehistory to Protohistory of Andhra
5. Archaeological Sources of Nellore District
6. Evidence of Different Routes and Communications Including Modes of Transport in Pre and Protohistoric Settlements
7. The Late Stone Age Microlithic Industries of India
8. Cultural Ecology of the Neolithic in India
9. Neolithic Pattern of the Indian Sub-continent-A Critique
10. Painted Pottery from Pusalapadu, Andhra Pradesh and Further Explorations in the Cuddaph and kurnool Districts
11. Patapadu Revisited : A New Painted Pottery Culture of South-East India
12. South-East Asia, India and West-Asia : A Study on the Beginnings of the Food Production Stage
13. Protohistoric India : Correlation of the Vedic, Puranic and Archaeological Sources
14. A Study of Place Names and Protohistoric Cultures in Andhra-Karnataka
15. Chalcolothic Cultures of India : Comments on Dr.Sankalia`s Paper
16. In Search of Harappan Civilization in Rajasthan
17. Sarasvati-Sindhu Civilization - Fresh Thoughts
18. Mahabharata and Krishna in Indian Archaeology
19. Ancient Indian Chronology : Some Fresh Thoughts
20. Megalithic Sites in the Submersible Areas of Srisailam
21. Megalithic Pottery Wares : Cultural Impacts
22. On Archaeological Publications