The New Universe of Human Rights

The New Universe of Human Rights

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Author: J S Verma
Publisher: Universal Law Publishing
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 391
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175343982


This book is a companion volume of the earlier New Dimensions of Justice.

During his tenure as the Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission, Justice J S Verma was faced with several unusual situations eroding the human dignity of individuals as well as groups of people. Intervention of the NHRC depended on the involvement of human rights issues in them, and in turn on the true scope of human rights to legitimize the intervention. The perception that Human dignity is the quintessence of human rights enabled and justified those interventions.

Linkage between human rights, development and democracy understood as inclusive democracy is the basis of State responsibility for the protection of human rights of all within its jurisdiction. The contents of this book reveal this perception of Justice Verma and the link between human rights and governance reflected in his speeches and articles. It will also explain the interventions and the stand of the NHRC on many important issues during his tenure. The doubt in the minds of a few about the true role of the NHRC, it is hoped will be cleared.

The book is intended to enable the reader to better appreciate the proactive role of the NHRC during the tenure of Justice J S Verma as its Chairperson, influenced by the New Universe of Human Rights envisioned by him.





1. The New Universe of Human Rights
2. Human Rights in the New Millennium
3. Recent Judicial Trends in Enforcement of Freedom: Indian Experience
4. Human Rights: The Essence of Constitutional Governance-Part 1
5. Human Rights: The Essence of Constitutional Governance-Part 2
6. Protecting Human Rights Through the Judicial Process
7. Human Rights and The Judiciary
8. Civil Liberties in South Asia: Impact of 9/11
9. Human Rights and Impunity: Issues of Accountability
10. Combating Terrorism under the Rule of Law
11. Role of Armed Forces with regard to Human Rights
12. Human Rights in Prevailing Socio-Military-Political Environment
13. Human Rights and the Criminal Justice System
14. Human Rights in Prisons
15. Penal Reforms in South Asia
16. Regional cooperation in South Asia for ensuring Human Rights in Penal Reforms
17. Human Rights and Ecological Security
18. Clean Environment: A Human Rights Imperative
19. Statement to the Seventh Meeting of the Asian Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions
20. Statement on the Human Rights Day
21. Role of National Institutions in the Protection of Human Rights: Indian Experience
22. Statement to the UN Commission on Human Rights
23. National Institutions for the Promotion and Protection of Human rights
24. Some Key issues concerning National Human Rights Commission
25. International Humanitarian Law
26. Social Inclusion
27. Secular Tradition in India
28. HIV/AIDS: The Law and Ethics
29. Health and Human Rights in India
30. Public Health and Human Rights
31. Need for a Credible Mechanism to Secure Accountability


32. Humanism: The Universal Creed
33. Imperative of Ethics in Pubic Life
34. Significance of Ethics in Education
35. Relevance of Swami Vivekanand's Message
36. Constitutional Values: Citizen's Duties in the present context
37. Good Governance: Need of the Hour
38. Law in Action: Reflections on some earlier Judgments
39. Constitution of India: A Case of Rethinking
40. Working of the Constitution: A Fresh Look
41. Nation Building: The Unfinished Agenda
42. Accountability and governance
43. Civil Services and the constitution
44. Delays in Indian Judicial System-Remedies
45. Public Interest Litigation-Efficacy and Dangers
46. Role of Law Enforcement Agencies under the Rule of Law