Srimad Bhagwat Puran

Srimad Bhagwat Puran

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Author: B K Chaturvedi
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2004/2006
Language: English
Pages: 160
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171828310


The Srimad Bhagwat itself is believed to be the gem among all the sacred Puranas as it emphasizes on the devotion to Lord Vishnu’s incarnation, Lord Krishna. It is believed to have been authored by the great sage Vedavyasa when he felt a great unrest troubling his soul after authoring the Mahabharat. Although this Purana itself is believed to be a part of Skanda Purana, it is its lyrical beauty and devotion to Krishna that made it most popular. It enlists 22 incarnations of Lord Vishnu, while other sacred accounts of the Sanatana dharma believe that there were nine incarnations and one is yet to come.

These stories have been recreated keeping in mind the comprehension of our young learners and hence making these stories more logical. This work is only an attempt to make our society recapture its roots. That is why the language and style have been used with great care so as to make the stories readable and comprehensive.


The Great Glory of Shrimadbhagwat
The Creation of The Srimad Bhagwat
The Descent of this Grand Puran to Common People
Shukadeva Recited This Purana Before Parikshit
The Description of The Various
Incarnations of The Blessed Lord
Brahma Starts The Process of Creation
Sage Kardem Helps in the Process of Creation
The Progeny of Manu’s Daughters
Daksha’s Hostility for Shiva And Sati’s Death By Self-Immolation
The Sun’s Transitional Phase and Speed of Movement
The Tale of Priyavrata
The Tale of Raja Prithu
Ajaamil’s Salvation
Rishabha Deva and Jada-Bharat
The Dwarf (Vamana) Incarnation
Shiva Falls for Mohini
Lord Hari Saves The Elephant, Gajendra Moksha
The Story of Naabhag And Ambreesha
King Dushyanta and Bharata
Raja Rantideo’s Hospitality
The Descent of the Ganga
Marriage of Vasudeva and Devaki
Incarnation of Lord Krishna And Other Events
Kansa Dethroned and Destroyed
Krishna Outwits Brahma
Krishna and Balrama Feel Hungry
The Emancipation of Vidyadhara Sudarshana
Akroora’s Confusion Dispelled
Krishna And Kubja
Krishna Meets His Parents For The First Time
Jarasandha Attacks Mathura
Krishna Sends Uddhava To Vraja
Krishna Marries Rukmini
Kamdeva Regains His Body in the Form of Pradyumna
The Syamantak Mani (Gem) Episode
Shalva Attacks Dwarika
Krishna Beheads Shishupal
Krishna Kills Narakasura and Releases The Helpless Women
Krishna And Balarama Pay Their Guru’s Fees
Sudama and Krishna
Yashoda and Krishna’s Reunion
Arjuna Marries Subhadra
A Strange Fact
Devaki Gets Back Her Six Dead Sons
Bhasmasur Destroyed
Who Among The Super gods Is The Greater?
Arjuna Purged of His Arrogance
Lord Krishna contemplates About
Quitting the Mortal World
The Twenty Four Gurus of Dattatreya
The Details About Lord Krishna’s Family
The End of the Yadava Clan
Lord Krishna departs For His Eternal Abode
The Dynasties In Kaliyug
The Description of the Final Dissolution or Pralaya
Raja Parikshit’s Salvation And Janmejaya’s Naag-Yaga