Popular Gazetteer of the World  -  3 Vol Set

Popular Gazetteer of the World - 3 Vol Set

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Author: A Keith Johnston
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1993
Language: English
Pages: 1531
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185066582


This provides well researched, authentic but concise information about the vast world. This gazetteer was compiled during the British regime. It is a first-rate source material for research not only in the field of history, but also in religion, sociology, economics, and political science. A comprehensive general description about places whether towns, villages, rivers, seas, mountains, etc. covering from the earliest times till date has been brought within the compass of this gazetteer.

It comprises detailed area-wise information about the following subjects³location, boundaries, areas, mountains, lakes, islands, rivers, canals, coastal regions, forests, climate, monsoons, harbours, population, various tribes and castes, religion and sects, customs that the people followed, economic situation, revenue and settlement, expenditures, modes of production and taxation, irrigation, rainfall, effect on production, famines, earthquake, agriculture, vegetable production, cash crops, forest wealth, mines and minerals, trade and commerce, import and export, public works as railway, telegraph, etc. means of communication, important buildings and town planning, churches, universities, libraries, schools, education, missionaries activities, legislation, law and justice, police and jail, etc.