Mathura Sculptures : An Illustrated Handbook

Mathura Sculptures : An Illustrated Handbook

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Author: N P Joshi
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 104
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817574152X


The Government Museum of Mathura has the unique privilege of exhibiting a fine collection of that school of Indian Art which flourished in Mathura right from the early centuries of Christian era radiating its influence far and wide. Much has been written on this important school-learned works of Drs Coomaraswamy, Vogel, V A Smith, V S Agrawala, Febri, Codrington can be cited as a few examples. In spite of these works, much of the quality material from Mathura still remains unpublished. The present work brings to light some such pieces. Meant for popular reading, it makes an inquisitive visitor appreciate the rich and beautiful sculptures exhibited in the galleries of the Mathura museum.

The book is divided into seven chapters. The first two chapters provide the historical background of Mathura. Development of Mathura sculpture with its characteristics form the subject-matter of the succeeding three chapters. One full chapter is devoted to explain different scenes and episodes appearing on railing pillars, bas-reliefs and coping stones. The last chapter deals with some topics associated with Mathura art in general.

The book contains over 100 plates illustrating select pieces from the Mathura museum which will be interesting not only to the students but also to the scholars because they will find something unpublished or illustrated with new angles. Different Decorative Motifs seen in the Mathura art have been profusely illustrated by about 75 line drawings.






1. Mathura-Its Past
2. Acquisition and Collection
3. Early Times to the Second Century AD
4. Images of Jaina Tirthankaras, the Buddha and Other Brahmanical Deities
5. Kusana-Gupta and Post-Gupta Periods
6. Important Scenes and Stories
7. General Remarks

APPENDIX I : A Comparative Study of Mathura Art

APPENDIX II : An Interesting Varaha Image of Kusana Period

APPENDIX III : Motifs in Mathura Sculptures

APPENDIX IV : Depositories of Mathura Sculptures