The Open Eyes

The Open Eyes

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Author: Dom Moraes
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174364048


He begins in the dense woods roamed by wild tigers and panthers. He begins with a little native boy whose large eyes open and see his changing country with mild curiosity and at times shocking fear. Dom Moraes borrows this pair of eyes to see his word the way he sees it, and then tell you a story.

In this entertaining and witty mix of history, diary and the ramifications of the modern age the story of the land of Karnataka is told through the eyes of many people. Following the paths gazed by these eyes, Moraes’s personal experiences bring out the feel and smell of the place, but more, the hope.

Karnataka has layers of culture, civilization and history and it is this, the enthralling and enigmatic features of this ancient-modern state, that the author sets out to trace and move more through time than space. He tells the story with the ease of a preoccupied traveler who shifts between past and present because he believes they cannot be separate. Watching the roads and rivers that loop and whorl through the land, he travels through the rivers that flow constantly through the minds of its people.

And more importantly, through his own. Until his eyes become a sum of theirs and of that little native boy’s when the beginning began.


The Open Eyes

The Borderlands

The Dry country

The Land of Dead Soil

The Sound of Music

The Road by the Sea

The Pais and Others

The Military Front

The End of the Road

The Last Encounters