Open Secrets - India's Intelligence Unveiled

Open Secrets - India's Intelligence Unveiled

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Author: Maloy Krishna Dhar
Publisher: Manas Publications
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 552
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-7049-240-8


Open Secrets-India’s Intelligence Unveiled-is the story of an intelligence operator, who devoted nearly 30 years in the country’s prime intelligence agency, through memorable events, which often shaped the contours of Indian polity, made valuable additions to the internal, external policies of the nation and its security ambience in the neighbouring countries and the geopolitical sphere.

The book brings out, through narration of events and analysis of perspectives, the deplorable stories of blatant and brutal misuse of the Indian intelligence, security and investigative agencies by the ruling establishment. The operatives and officials are emasculated by politically tinged and often personalized demands of the politicians.

Intelligence agencies are often forced to serve the narrow interests of the ruling political parties and ensure survival of the leaders, who equate the existence of the nation with their continuity in power. The narratives have candidly unlocked certain well-guarded vaults with the avid intention of appealing to the discerning readers, scholars and opinion makers to bring pressure on the System for devising constitutional and legal tools to bestow more functional independence and to provide more teeth and armour to the intelligence, security and investigative agencies, both at the Union and in the States. At the same time it is essential to initiate measures to make these agencies accountable to the supreme constitutional institutions of India, for safeguarding democracy and upholding freedom and liberty.





The Action Begins

The First Test of Water

Getting into the Action

Tryst with Naksalbari

The Brave New World

To the Land of Jewel

Tale of the Shattered Jewel

Chitrangada Betrayed

The Parting Pangs

A People on the Cross

Amidst A Loveable People

Swimming with the People

Back to Shangri-La

Inside the Kalachakra (Wheel of Time)

People’s Victory: Defeat of the Jokers

Back to the Rampart

In the Frying Pan

Grilled in Open Fire

A Fall Guy Amidst Fall Colours

Back to the Brink of Fault Lines

Inside Blazing Punjab

Facing the First Love

The Brittle Messiah

Punjab Revisited

Fleeting Return to the Pre-Historic State (Prag-Jyotish-Pura)

Back to the Firing Line

Back to My Love

In Search of the Kernel

Deep Inside the Fault Lines

A Chapter of National Shame

Terror Strikes Back

The Rider of Dream

The Empire Strikes Back

The Grounded Rocket