Aspects of Islamic Economics And The Economy of Indian Muslims

Aspects of Islamic Economics And The Economy of Indian Muslims

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Author: F R Faridi
Editor(s): F R Faridi
Publisher: Institute of Objective Studies
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 286
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185220131


The essential relevance of Islamic economics to the Indian situation does not lie in its formal association with a certain religion but in its values, principles and goal. Its central concern is man, the wholesome and balanced growth of his total personality. It believes that the equitable and efficient management of resources is possible only when an individual’s total behaviour, both economic and otherwise, is subjected to and conditioned by moral and ethical outlook.

Islamic approach to economic developmental activity is based on an integrated concept of development. It begins with giving a world view that is conductivity to the twin objectives of social justice and sustained growth in economic productivity. It lays great emphasis on human beings, their value premises, their perceptions, their goal.

A world about the economy of Indian Muslims is in order. An objective appraisal of the economic misery of the Indian Muslim community is the need of the hour. Till date, only general statements in respect of the intensity of the economic malaise and its causes have been made. Little serious attempts have been made to study in depth the economic backwardness of the community and the factors underlying this situation. As a result, we do not have sufficient reliable data in this area.

The present volume aims at lucid explanation of frontiers of Islamic economics and its application in the Indian setting.




Some Islamic Insights on the Theory of Consumer Behaviour

Islamic Approach to Model Building in Economics and Other Social Sciences-A Methodological Framework

The Idea of Merit effect-Islam’s Contribution to Economics

Smithian Concept of Economic Behaviour and Islam

Shah Wali Allah’s Concept of al-Irtifaqat (Stages of Socio Economic Development)

The Ethical Responsibility of Business-Islamic Principles and Implications

Public Economics of Islamic Egalitarianism

Islamic Concepts and Principles as Practised in Islamic Banks

Banking and Financial Frame-Work in the Islamic Economic System

Interest-Free Banking-conceptual Framework

And Implementation in Pakistan

Islamic Banking-some Unsettled Issues of Stability and Growth

Islamic Economics Teaching and Research


The Feasibility of applying the US Minority Business Development Model to Stimulate Entrepreneurship among Indian Muslims

Analysis of Employment Situation of the Indian Muslims

Promotion of Muslim Entrepreneurship under State Support

A Socio-Economic Survey of Muslim Women Labourer in the Bidi Industry

Economic and social Situations among Muslims of West Bengal-Some Empirical Observations

Problems of Wakfs and Mutawallis in Tamil Nadu

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