Archaeology of Babri Masjid

Archaeology of Babri Masjid

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Author: Surinder Kaur
Sher Singh/
Publisher: Genuine
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 204
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185220158


Fascism has no religion. It can take the lives of innocent Hindus and Sikhs with AK-47s in Punjab in the guise of Sikh terrorists. It can put on saffron robbers to destroy Sharqi Masjid Ayodhya built by Husain Shah Sharqi of Jaunpur in 872 Hijri, (2 Aug, 1467-21 July, 1468 A D) first by calling it Alamgiri Masjid in 1771 and and when that did not suit its designs, then by calling it Babari Masjid after 1857 Mutiny, all in the name of imaginary Ram Janmabhumi Temple; the construction of which has never been proved.

Having failed miserably to prove Ram Janmabhumi temple with historical documents, records, epigraphic evidence, travelogues, gift deeds, and any other sort of direct evidence, VHP fascists had to resort to inferior but highly technical & misleading subject of archaeology to prove the imaginary Janmabhumi temple. It has been taken for granted that when any result is declared based on the so-called archeological findings, however distorted, misinterpreted, and coloured by personal whims and fancies it might be, it becomes an established scientific truth. It is to shatter this image of archaeology that we have quoted extensively from D P Dymond to show that archaeological evidence is inferior to that of direct evidence of History.


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