Alternative to Communism and Capitalism - The Responsible Society

Alternative to Communism and Capitalism - The Responsible Society

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Author: Stephen Roman
Eugen Loebl/
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 0000
Language: English
Pages: 236
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170170377


Don’t look to either capitalism or communism for a solution to unemployment, inflation, or the threat of ecological disaster, warn the authors of The Responsible Society. In their challenging book, Stephen Roman and Eugen Loeb accuse the world’s two powerful economic systems of ignoring the one essential consideration- a concern for the needs of human beings. And they urge the public to take the responsibility for making a better system and a better world into their own hands.

Roman is a prominent Catholic layman and one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs. Loebl, a former Marxist, is widely considered to be in the top rank of today’s economists. They have come together from opposite poles of experience to propose a revolutionary change in our economic thinking one that emphasizes humanitarian and ethical principles instead of so-called economic laws.

In a series of remarkably simple steps, the authors of THE RESPONSIBLE SOCIETY show how individuals can restore true human values to economics. The economic democracy they propose is no Utopian dream both men have had the opportunity (in very different ways) to acquire a deep understanding of the social and economic complexities of today’s world. Together, they have outlined a realistic blueprint of a more humane social system that holds the promise of a better future for everyone.




Economics and common sense
The Essence of economy and The Fallacies of conventional economics
The Industrial Revolution
The scientific technological revolution
Money and its real function
Government Lending VS government spending
A stable price level
Outdated taxation
Profit sharing: The Cornerstone
Capitalism or socialism: Are they the only alternatives?
Two new phenomena: Worker participation and the multinationals
Conclusion: Toward a Responsible Society