The Imperial Guptas and Their Times

The Imperial Guptas and Their Times

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Author: Dilip Kumar Ganguly
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 0000
Language: English
Pages: 198
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-7017-222-5


There is hardly any period in Indian history that has engaged so much attention of scholars as the Gupta age and yet, what is known about it is not free from inaccuracy, inadequacy and controversy. The period still tempts scholars to fresh enwquiries into the realm of the unknown and re-evaluation of the known. It is with this two-fold object of unfolding a broader vision of history and reassessing the accumulated knowledge in a proper perspective that an objective enquiry into this ‘Classical’ phase of Indian history has been ventured upon.

A task like this is beset with problems of great magnitude. The field, treaded upon, has already been traversed by the ‘giant’ historians of the present and preceding centuries. The data, whether archaeological or literary, are inadequate and vague, and, more often than not, dubious and contrary in nature. These not-too-satisfactory data are further too widely scattered to be studied in their originals even by a wiedly travelled investigator. Moreover, there remains the constant danger of being swayed by the infatuating professed idealism in the assessment of a historical phenomenon and deduction of a generalisation to the detriment of an objective or rational approach.

The present work embodies the author’s investigations, carried on strictly in consonance with the aforesaid aims and objectives, into six puzzling problems of the history of the Imperial Guptas, including the homeland of the Imperial Guptas, Gupta-Licchavi entente cordiale, Kacha issure, genealogy and chronology of the Later Imperial Guptas, disintegration of the Gupta Empire and agrarian relations.



The Homeland of the Imperial Guptas

The Gupta-licchavi Entente Cordiale

The Kaca Problem

Genealogy and Chronology of This later imperial Guptas

The Disintegration of the Gupta Empire

Agrarian relations in the Gupta Kingdom