Maya Running

Maya Running

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Author: Anjali Banerjee
Publisher: Penguin/Puffin
Year: 250
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0143334921


A vacant spot inside me grows bigger, For Rent, For Lease, Room Inside Maya, the sign reads.

Mayasri Mukherjee is a bright girl with an irrepressible imagination, born in India and raised in a Canadian town. She loves the land of maple leaf and snow, but sometimes she is not sure where she belongs. The only brown-skinned teenager in her school, she cannot speak Bengali or pirouette to save her life.

Just as Maya captivates the gorgeous Jamie Klassen, her beautiful cousin Pinky arrives from India. Her long shiny hair, sandalwood fragrance and magical dancing skills bewitch Maya's friends. Woe of woes, Jamie falls for Pinky too.

Pinky has brought a little statue of Ganesh, and Maya pleads with the Remover of Obstacles to get rid of all barriers to her happiness, a plea that backfires in hilarious and painful ways. In this delightful debut, Anjali Banerjee captures the dreams and turmoil of a teenager searching for her identity, her family and her own special culture.


Maya Mukherjee is that delightful rarity in literature, a character who leaps off the page into your heart.
-Susan Wiggs

An entry to a world full of wit, confusion, wonder and excitement, A must read.
-V J Ramona

Terrific, funny and inventive.
-Paula Danziger



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