Ramkinkar Baij   -  Self-Portrait

Ramkinkar Baij - Self-Portrait

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Author: Ramkinkar Baij
Sudipto Chakraborty/
Translator(s): Sudipto Chakraborty
Publisher: Monchasha
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 96
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This slim book has explosive material within its covers, shrouded in profound aesthetic comprehension expressed in mundane dialogues and above all an overpowering aura of simple yet firm contentment of obtained from connecting with the inscrutable schemes of Nature.

This book is not only an open window between Ramkinkar and us; it is truly a multilayered mine of rich deposits of human excellence, poised to be unfolded to the motivated and the connoisseur. It is a testimony of how Tagore assimilated the universe, how Nandalal assimilated Tagore and how Ramkindar assimilated Nandalal.

It is also a story of how their sensitive souls sorted through the human legacy of truth and beauty and how their honest hands shaped their own truths into forms of art. Thus this slim book is a great chronicle of a journey into aesthetics and a potential nursery of minds in search of healthy ends.


Chronicle of a Journey

Go watch Ramkinkar at work; his dexterity is unnerving. Benodebehari Mukhopadhyay

The Imagemaker


The Sculptor

In Response to Felicitation

A Chapter from Life

The Minion of Visvakarma


Your Image Manifest in Duality

On Ramkinkar Babu
Benodebehari Mukhopadhyay

Ramkinkar: Life and Work