Fine Arts in Ancient India

Fine Arts in Ancient India

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Author: Anil Baran Ganguly
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 180
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170171105


In this latest work, Dr. A.B. Ganguly, who is a scholar of international repute (and noted for his researches in the religious cults of medieval India), projects a kaleidoscopic view of the highly developed fine arts of ancient India (that made this country the pride and envy of the whole world).

If you wish to know why Indian civilization and culture endured while the Greek and Roman declined, you must persue this wonderful book. It will tell you what lent physical vitality and spiritual strength to life and made it profoundly rich and deeply meaningful in days gone by, what made for the ancient Indian’s irrepressible zest for life, how almost everything was looked upon and developed as a fine art-and sixty-four arts are justly renowned.

The famous sixty-four arts of ancient India have been dealt with briefly and entertainingly and enlivened by apt anecdotes where necessary by the erudite author. Also, we have a lively account of such subjects as music, dancing, histrionics, painting, and decoration, culinary, engineering and horticultural arts that commanded popular acclaim.

Ancient India was noted, inter seven for such arts as magic, thieving and gambling, which were considered respectable fine arts. The education of a prince and a son of well-to-do parents were not considered complete unless these arts were also included in the curriculum.

There was a technique of devising amusements and making beds. Personal embellishment both of males and females was prized highly. It will probably come as a surprise to many that in olden days over two thousand years ago, the Indians had developed the physical and social arts to a remarkable degree. They included walking, ju-jitsu, gymnastics, games, sports, yogasanas, wrestling, boxing, hunting, chariot, horse, elephant races, etc.

The greatest merit possibly of this most unusual tome is that it is adequately documented, so that inquisitive students may pursue their chosen subject fruitfully with helpful guidelines.


A Treatise on Erotics
Sixty-Four Arts
Instrumental Music
Art of Dancing
Dramatic Art
Art of Painting
Body Decoration Arts
Ornamental Arts
Art of Cooking
Engineering Art
Horticultural Art
Magical Arts
Astrological Art
Arts on Gambling
Amusing Arts
Literary Arts
Physical and Social Arts