Cultural Contours of India

Cultural Contours of India

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Author: Vijay Shankar Srivastava
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 419
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170171490


Romantic and history-laden Rajasthan has always held a world of fascination and played a pivotal role in making the cultural contours of India. It is the land, which is not only an archaeologist’s paradise but is also the richest in art traditions. Behind the clang of sword and the beat of war-drums were always heard in Rajasthan the thunks of sculptor’s chisel, the rustling of a painter’s brush, the soothing and ennobling notes of music and the jingling of the dancer’s anklets. Dr Satya Prakash is one of the distinguished exponents of Rajasthan’s art and culture, archaeology and history, who made the treasures of this wonderland more widely known to the world. To discover them was his passion so also their preservation and interpretation. He devoted his entire life in reading sermons in stones from Rajasthan and liberally interpreted them through his writings.

In honour of such a virtuous son of Sarasvati, this garland of original research papers by eminent scholars forms part of the second section of the volume, whereas the first section deals with the personality and contribution of Dr. Satya Prakash. The story of his life and achievements is synonymous with the archaeological and museological activities in Rajasthan in the post-independence period. The volume presents to the readers useful source material dealing with the obscure or little-known contours of our culture, as revealed through archaeological, museological epigraphic, sculptural and pictorial art, architectural and historical data and analyses Rajasthan’s role and contribution to the making of the unique personality of India. Some papers delineate similar problems from other parts of this country as well. The contents of the festschrift bespeak of the unadulterated truth of the past-both in the ancient and the mediaeval times. The material published here, undoubtedly, explores a new ground and opens a new vista for further investigation and research





PART I: Personality & Contribution: Dr Satya Prakash
Our Father: Biographical Profile: K.P. Lal and Gyan Prakash
Story of Archaeological, Historical & Antiquarian
Research in Rajasthan: Before Independence Vijai Shankar Srivastava
Contribution: Dr. Satya Prakash
Archaeology & Museums in Rajasthan: After Independence
Facets of a Versatile Personality
Personal Reminiscences: Bouquet of Sweet Memories 109-158
Bibliography of Publications of Dr Satya Prakash
a) A list of Research Scholars who obtained Ph.D. Degree under the guidance of Dr Satya Prakash from various universities
b) A list of Research Scholars engaged and working for Ph.D degree under the guidance of Dr. Satya Prakash in the various universities

PART II: Research Papers
Museology, Conservation/Preservation of Cultural
Property and Art Objects
Art and Architecture
History and Culture