The Coinage of Northern India

The Coinage of Northern India

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Author: P C Roy
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: N/A
Language: English
Pages: 182
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170171229


The present thesis fulfils a long felt desideratum in the field of numismatical studies in India. So far our knowledge about early medieval coinage of India has been very poor and pragmentary. A systematic and comprehensive study of sporadic materials has been, for the first time, successfully attempted in this subject. The author with industry and intelligence has collected the materials, sorted and collated them and reconstructed the structure of his subject. It is based on the discovery of new facts and fresh interpretation of already known facts and current theories. It is both exhaustive and critical. It positively forms a valuable contribution to the literature of numismatics and tends generally to the advancement of knowledge.

The present work shows the painstaking labour, a critical study of the subject, and above all original suggestions which undoubtedly enhance the value of the dissertation like the present one. The up-to-date bibliography shows an extensive range of study in the political history of the dynasties as well, without a thorough knowledge of which the present attempt could hardly have been possible. The author has rightly rejected the view of D W MacDowall, on the coins of Gangeyadeva. D.W. MacDowall is no doubt a great numismatist, and I am glad to see that a young scholar is not afraid to criticise eminent authorities here as well as elsewhere and his criticisms are just and reasonable. The Magadh University should undertake the task of the publication of this valuable work.








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