The Life and Works of S H Manto

The Life and Works of S H Manto

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Author: S A Jafri
Publisher: M R Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 215
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188413119


In the year 1997, India and Pakistan celebrated their 50th anniversary of independence-and the holocaust created by the partition of this subcontinent. In this context, Manto’s stories related with partition gained in popularity. The present work on Manto, the great Urdu short story writer, into two sections. One is creative, consisting of the translations of some of his stores and the other consists of a critical assessment of Manto, as an artist.

The first section begins with a brief history and development of the genre Afsana in Urdu literature till it reached into the hands of the master craftsman who gave us a number of memorable characters. This section takes a look at the art of Manto’s characterization too besides evaluating the art and craft of his short story writing; discussing his themes and forming great detail.

He has tried to award his stark truthfullness and the sardonic humour of his stories which unmasks the hypocrisy and pretence of the middle class, which landed him into the court on the charges of obscenity. When he was told in the court that it was obscene to use the world breast in his story, he simply stated that he had called a breast a breast; should he have called it a table instead. In his own words the wrong which is ascribed to my stories is the rot of the system.




Introduction-Why do we tell tales?
Manto-The Man
Manto-the Artist
Them Form
Narrative Technique
Language and Styles
Literary Devices
Thanda Gosht-A Study
Khol Do-A Study
Manto in English Translation


Cold Flesh
Open It
Hatak-The Insult
Toba Tek Singh
The Man of Miracles
The Shepherd Boy and The Lion
From The Black Fringes Being Considerate
Time to Rest
The Difference
The Garland