Dreamland's School Atlas

Dreamland's School Atlas

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Author: M L Talwar
Editor(s): M L Talwar / Prashant
Publisher: Dreamland
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817301230X


Dreamland’s Schools Atlas is a treasure-house of information. It is different from other atlases available in the market in respect that besides the maps, it provides important facts about a country, like its land and people, its position within a continent, and its economy in a nutshell.

Useful information on currency, per capita income and form of government along with up-to-date data on area and population has been given along side the map of the country under the heading Facts and figures. Uses of high-quality paper and Dreamland’s most advanced equipped GIS system has made the maps come alive.

The Atlas includes maps and other data on 39 countries in the six continents, and Arctic and Antarctica. Useful geographical terms have been given at the end of the Atlas.

Every care has been taken to make the Atlas extremely useful for the students and other lovers of Atlases.


Our Planet-Earth
Planets of the Solar System
How Earth Began
World Map
Asia Physical
Asia Political
Bangladesh Political
Bhutan Political
China Political
Cyprus Political
India Physical
India Political
India River, Landuse, annual Rainfall, Population
India Railways & National Highways
Japan Political
Malaysia Political
Nepal Political
Pakistan Political
Philippines Political
Russia Political
Singapore Political
Sri Lanka Political
Taiwan Political
Africa Physical
Africa Political
Algeria Political
Egypt Political
Ethiopia Political
Libya Political
Madagascar Political
South Africa Political
North America Physical
North America Political
Canada Political
Mexico Political
USA Political
South America Physical
South America Political
Argentina Political
Bolivia Political
Brazil Political
Peru Political
Antarctica Political
The Arctic Political
Europe Physical
Europe Political
France Political
Germany Political
United Kingdom Political
Italy Political
Scandinavia Political
Australia Physical
Australia Political
New Zealand Political
Papua New Guinea Political
Geographical Terms
Flags and Logos