Muslim Way of Life

Muslim Way of Life

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Author: Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi
Publisher: Adam Publishers
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 176
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174351892


There is no doubt that almighty Allah sent the great scholar of Islam Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanawi as the Renovator and Spiritual Leader. He spent his entire life in the work of ameliorating the Muslim Ummah. There is no aspect of the religious or the worldly activities of humanity in which he did not guide the Muslims with his writings and speeches. In addition to his compositions on highly scientific and research works, he has left behind very simple books easy to understand and assimilate-all this for the benefit of the general public and those who are on a lower level of education.

The book under consideration is a recombination of four of his books which are brief but comprehensive, useful and easy to understand.

Rights of Islam
Rights of Parents.
Etiquettes of social living
Common Errors

This book shall, God willing, form a beacon of guidance for the Muslims. What is needed is that it should be made available to every Muslim household to derive from it maximum benefit.


A word from the Publisher
Rights of Islam
Rights of Parents
Rights of Parents after their death
Rights of Rulers and Subjects
Rights of Muslims in General
rights of Neighbours
Rights of non-Muslims
Self-imposed Obligations 1st, 2nd and 3rd kind
Removal of exaggerated emphasis from the Rights of Parents
Introduction to the objectives of this Book
Matters in which it is not necessary to obey Parents
The correct meaning of doing good to Parents
To Divorce or not t Divorce a wife on Parent's bidding?
Nobody's order to disobey Allah should be carried out
In Jihad it is lawful for a son to kill his disbelieving father
Admonish perverted parents with a good grace
It is an obligatory duty of parents to provide good education to their children
A useful Appendix
Husband's Rights over wife
The five branches
Numerous similar narrations bear ample testimony to this fact
The five branches of the Shariat
Muasharat an integral part of the Den
The Aadaab of Salam
The Aadaab of Musaafahah
Aadaab of a Majlis (gathering)
Aadaab of speech
Some Malfoozat (sayings, statements, advices and admonition)
The Aadaab of listening to talk pertaining to listening
Aadaab of Mulaaqaat (meeting one another)
The Aadaab of the Guest
The Aadaab of the Host
The Aadaab of Khidmat (service to others)
The Aadaab of Hadyaah (gift)
The Aadaab of intercession
The Aadaab of training children
The Aadaab of correspondence
The Aadaab of Istiftaa (asking a question to obtain the ruling of the Shariah)
The Aadaab of the Musjid
The Aadaab of things in general use
The Aadaab of Qardh (loan)
The Aadaab of presenting a request
The Aadaab of eating
Aadaab of Istinjaa
Aadaab of parents
Aadaab of elders
Aadaab of the Shaikh
Aadaab to be observed by seniors for juniors
books of cleanliness and pollution
Azan, Iqamat and Imamat
Prayer Congregation and Khutbah
Qira-at and Tajweed
Mortal Diseases and Funeral
Zakat, Hajj, Qurbani, Aqiqa and Nazar
Nikah, Talaq, Khula and Zihar
Purchase and Sale, Rent, Mortage, Right of Pre-emption
Hunting and Slaughtering
Clothes, Decoration and Purdah (veil)
Food and Drink
Fortune telling and Augury
Miscellaneous Problems