An Ethical Hacking Guide To Corporate Security

An Ethical Hacking Guide To Corporate Security

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Author: Ankit Fadia
Publisher: Macmillan
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 250
ISBN/UPC (if available): 1403924457


The Internet with its widening global dimensions has predisposed the corporate world to the gave threat of espionage and cyber crimes, however, the organizations are invariably oblivious to these threats. Reading through The Ethical Hacking Guide to Corporate Security dismisses this incompetent approach by addressing to some of the most horrific cyber crime cases to have hit the corporate world across 17 different countries in 5 continents.

Drawing direct correlation between computer security and business profitability through an appropriate mix of technical explanation and business implication.

Thoroughly researched attack strategies exemplifying attacks and the countermeasures taken thereof.

Comprehensive yet easy-to-understand analyses of some of the most dangerous security threats and measures to safeguard networks.


A unique and invaluable primer on how to protect one's information, may it be corporate or personal - especially relevant when most of us do not know that very real and dangerous threats to privacy exist.
-Mohit Gupta, Managing Director, MGI Group

Businesses can no longer stand alone, they need to interact with rest of the ecosystem electronically. This exposes organizations to the risk of cyber crimes. An kit's book provides the necessary insight to help understand the risks posed by use of different tools - email, instant messenger, software applications -used by organizations, its impact on business, and how to deal with them.
-Anil Singh, Senior Vice President, Symphony Services Corp.

Highly recommended must-read for all Managers and network administrators to ensure data security and business profitability when every organization is under constant threat of spyware, virus, I P theft, Identity theft and e-mail / IM attacks.
-Divyesh N Patel, Business Development Manager, Intel Corporation




Email Security

Instant Messengers

Intellectual Property Thefts

Password Cracking Attacks

Identify Attacks

Input Validation Attacks

Denial of Services (DOS) Attacks

Buffer Overflows

Social Engineering Attacks