Supreme But Not Infallible

Supreme But Not Infallible

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Author: B N Kirpal
Ashok H Desai/Gopal Subramanium
Editor(s): B N Kirpal / Ashok H Desai / Gopal Subramanium
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 481
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195672267


These essays, published to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Supreme Court of India, by leading Indian and foreign scholars and practitioners provide a critical evaluation of many different aspects of the Court’s working since its inauguration in 1950, as well as fascinating glimpses of its early days. The notable contributions examine a range of issues that the Court has dealt with and present a wide-angle view of its contribution to the development of contemporary law in India.

The doctrine regarding the basic structure of the Indian Constitution, its emergency provisions, the concept of the due process of law, human rights and social justice, environment protection, gender justice, preventive detention, freedom of the press and media are among the subjects of the essays. The book also presents fascinating glimpses into the early days of the court and the personalities connected with it.

This volume will be useful not only for those connected with the study and practice of law, but also for all citizens concerned about the rule of law and constitutional liberties.


This collection of essays-some reflective, some descriptive, some nostalgic, erudite and instructive-is a welcome publication, useful particularly to future historians of the Supreme Court.
-Journal of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association

Informative, notable, and readable essays.
-Mid Day

Erudite contributions on laws laid down by various judgements of the Supreme Court on, social issues like gender discrimination, employer-employee relationship, environment, and the development of the concept of public interest litigation. The book really scores when it comes to personal accounts of individuals closely involved with eh working of the Supreme Court.
-The Telegraph




The Supreme Court and the Struggle for Custody of the Constitution

The Supreme Court: An Overview

The Supreme Court and the Constitution

Fifty Years on

The Supreme Court of India and Australian Law

The Goddess of Justice; the Constitution and the Supreme Court

Where Angels Fear to Tread

The Supreme Court and the Basic Structure Doctrine

Emergency Provisions under the Indian Constitution

Public Interest Litigation: Potential and Problems

The Evolution of Due Process of Law by the Supreme Court

Human Rights: A Worldwide Dialogue

The Supreme Court on Human Rights and Social Justice: Changing Perspectives

The Supreme Court and Group Life: Religious, Freedom, Minority Groups and
Disadvantaged Communities

Gender Justice and the Supreme Court

Detention without Trial

Constitution, Courts, and Freedom of the press and the Media

Justice between Generations:
Environment and Social Justice

The Supreme Court and the Employee

The Supreme Court and Tort Litigation

The Supreme Court Bench and Bar:
Reminiscences of the Formative Years

From Kania to Anand and Setalvad to Soli memories of the Early Days of the Supreme Court


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