The Essentials of Indian Philosophy

The Essentials of Indian Philosophy

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Author: M Hiriyanna
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 216
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120813308


The Essentials of Indian Philosophy provides a concise, connected account of Indian philosophy, and interpretation and criticism are provided within the limits of the volume. An introductory chapter summarises Vedic religion and philosophy, and then Indian thought is considered in chapters dealing respectively with the early post-Vedic period and the age of the systems.

A brief historical survey accompanies each natural division of the subject, in addition to an exposition of its theory of knowledge, ontology and practical teaching. A glossary of Sanskrit terms and a good subject-index are provided.


The author has simplified without distorting an left no fundamental point uncovered.
-Liverpool Daily Post

To present within the compass of two hundred pages the whole story of Hindu philosophy demands not only a sense of proportion but also a gift of proper selection. Both these characteristics are prominent in this book.

The contents of the book fully justify the claim that it offers a concise and connected account of Hindu philosophy, providing interpretation and criticism with limits.
-The Guardian (Madras)

To the non-specialist who wishes to know something of the many philosophical systems evolved by the penetrating Indian intellect down the centuries from Vedic days it should prove of considerable value.
-Aberdeen Press and Journal

The treatment throughout is lucid, precise and authentic. A book that can be recommended to the general public.
-K Kunjunni Raja,
Adyar Library Bulletin, 95

The author has attempted to give in this work a general outline of Indian Philosophy, confining himself to us essential principles.
-The Vedanta Kesari
Vol:84 August 1997



Vedic Religion and Philosophy

Transition to the Systems

Non-Vedic Schools




Vedanta: Absolutistic Vedanta: Theistic

Notes and References

Sanskrti Glosary