Folk Tales From Easten Tibet

Folk Tales From Easten Tibet

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Author: Ryoshun Kajihama
Translator(s): Ryoshun Kajihama
Publisher: Library of Tibetan Works & Archives
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 123
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186470344


Folk Tales from Eastern Tibet, an English translation of the traditional tales prevalent in the Amdo region of Tibet was originally published in Japanese by Professor Ryoshun Kajihama, Setsunam University.

This collection consists of twenty-eight tales; most of which come from the memories of the Tibetans. These folk tales convey a sense of the traditional nomadic life and within them we can catch a glimpse of a nomad's friendships, enmities, and conflicts and can get a sense of his or her joys and sorrows.

Just as in folk tales everywhere, this collection includes many animal stories, tales of family strife and community division, disputes about morals and laws and encounters with magic and magic beings. These stories are governed by plots common to all folk tales: the rule of greedy kings is ended; wicked beings are punished, and usually the good are rewarded. One such tales, the final one in this collection, is entitled The Mare's Boy which narrates the story of an extraordinary youth, born from a mare, who eventually becomes king of the land by defeating the copper-beaked she-devil who threatens the health and prosperity of the community and by living in peace with those who had formerly hurt him.

This translation will give non-Tibetan readers a glimpse of Tibetan folk tales and keep these traditions alive for our study and our pleasure today and in the future.


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Translator's Note

A Mother's Search
The Clever Boy and the Foolish Boy
The Yogi
The Lamb Who Went to Lhasa
A Rabbit Takes Revenge
The Goat-tail Thief
One Butter Lamp
Three Sisters and an Ogress
The Foolish Son Who Killed His Mother
The Greedy King and the Clever Boy
Blood from the Stone Lions' Eyes
The King's Decree
The Ewe and the Wolf
The Lotus Flower and the Cruel King
The Servant Boy Who Rose to the Throne
The Old Woman and the Wolf
The Cunning Rabbit
A Sheath of Tsampa
The Golden Vajra
The Rabbit and the Yeti
The Wise Ewe
The Shameless Boy
The Prince and the Yogi
The Gold and Silver Kneecaps
The Golden Hand Grinder
The Old Mother and the Sheep's Tail
The Mare's Boy