Multinationals In India - Managing the Interface of Cultures

Multinationals In India - Managing the Interface of Cultures

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Author: Jai B P Sinha
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 291
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0761932054


Pursuant to the opening up of the Indian economy, numerous multinational corporations have set up shop in India. Among the various challenges they face is managing the interface of a global (or domestic) corporate culture with the deep-seated and widely varying cultural practices prevalent in India.

In order to understand these processes, Jai B P Sinha selected five large multinationals representing three distinctly different cultural zones (Anglo-American, Scandinavian and the Far Eastern), and which are engaged in a wide variety of activities. Professor Sinha and his team then undertook in-depth qualitative investigations in order to understand how these five multinationals actually functioned. They also interviewed samples of managers to understand their beliefs, preferences and practices in relation in relation to their work, the organization, their colleagues, and expatriates.

This rich comparative analysis revealed that while each corporation brought to India its unique organizational culture, they rapidly understood the need to adapt their management practices to Indian settings. Thus, while providing capital, technology, and cultivating an atmosphere of high performance, they absorbed aspects of the work culture in India-typically characterized by hierarchy, in-group orientation, personalized relationships, and personal loyalty-to ensure productivity and organizational cohesiveness.

Combining qualitative and quantitative data and providing a unique understanding of how organizations successfully interface with culture, this book will be of interest to students and scholars of business management, international management, organizational behavior, human resources management, and cross-cultural psychology. It will be of equal interest to practicing managers and the personnel departments of all multinational corporations functioning in India.


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The Unfolding Market
The New Bazaar
The Interface of Cultures
The BAC: A British-American Corporation
The SHOCII: A Swedish Subsidiary
The Hilton Roulunds: A Danish Multinational
The VM: An Indo-Japanese Joint Venture
The KIMCO: A South Korean Subsidiary
Perspectives and Strategies

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