Dialogue With Pakistan

Dialogue With Pakistan

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Author: S G Kashikar
Publisher: India First Foundation
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 148
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189072021


Indo-Pak relationship is quite complex and a multifaceted one. Ever since its inception, Pakistan has adopted an adverse attitude towards India. Because of inbuilt hatred against India and its obsession for parity, the Pakistani leadership adopted a confrontationist policy towards India and tried to undermine its role in world affairs, Efforts are gains being made at various levels to normalise relations between the two key players of the sub-continent, India and Pakistan.

Apparently, it seems that Pakistani people and the government are also in the mood to hold useful talks. But any fruitful talk seems to be possible, only when the Pakistani psyche comes out of the hang over of the Two-Nation Theory, meaning thereby, deep hatred for India and the Indian people, The key to the success of SAARC efforts for the regional development will be the cordiality of relationship between India and Pakistan. Dialogue with Pakistan by Prof S G Kahoka is a thought provoking contribution to the ongoing debate on the vexed question of anti-India mind-set of Pakistan and its tragic consequences.


Indian civilisational stream was impeded for several centuries. It struggled and survived through tornado of Islamic and Imperial invasion, which blew other civilizations to smithereens. Efforts to revitalize, revive and reassert this great civilization and restore the continuity were made by Rishis, Mahatmas and intellectuals of this ancient land for over a century, which accelerated the process and led the road to freedom. Unfortunately, the ideal of Ram Rajya set by Mahatma Gandhi, which provided the ideological basis of our freedom, became anathema to the post independent polity, politicians, intellectuals and establishments. Even the goal of the Ram Rajya came to be regarded as narrow, sectarian, communal and even dangerous.

As Swamy Vivekananda said, it is given to the Hindus by destiny to discover the idea of Universal validity of all faiths and ways of life and share it with the rest of the world. This inclusive idea, which validates all Gods, faiths, peoples and way of life, is the ultimate destination of the journey of humanity and the final guarantee for global and national peace. It is in this context and with this background and purpose, some intellectual kshatriyas have come together to launch one more humble effort through India First Foundation.


The Two-Nation Theory
Who Created Pakistan?
The Core Issue
The False History
The Two Faces of Islam
The Commonalities
The Solutions (I)
The Solutions (II)
The Indian Muslims
The Hindutva