The Sikh Culture

The Sikh Culture

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Author: Harjinder Singh Dilgeer
Publisher: Singh Brothers
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 136
ISBN/UPC (if available): 2930247053


A Sikh can be easily identified from amongst the crowds of hundreds and thousands. A man with beard and turban can well be easily recognized. Still some Sikhs wearing traditional dress give impression of a respectable monarch. Throughout the world one can observe Sikh men, women and children, dressed in fine clothes and colourful turbans, going towards Gurdwaras. A congregation in a Gurdwara makes one think of an assembly of heavenly people. The scared kitchen of a Gurdwara looks like the scene of a family feast where everyone seems to be trying to surpass each other to perform voluntary, selfless service.

Sikhism is a way of life, it is a culture and it’s a religion. Religion is an important part of every culture. Faith in one god, honest earning, sharing with others, meditation, bowing before the Will of the almighty, Charhdi Kala, praying for the welfare of the whole of humanity, sacred community kitchen (Langar), selfless voluntary service (Sewa), complete equality (Sangat, Pangat), equality for women, defending the poor, weak and downtrodden, tithe (Daswandh) are the fundamental principles of Sikh religion. Most of these are unique only to the Sikh religion and Culture. This, too, makes Sikh culture distinct not only from the rest of east but also from the rest of the world.

The Sikhs have a distinct dress code, The Sikhs have their own different food. The Sikhs have their own sports. The Sikhs have their own rituals and customs regarding birth of child, marriage and death and also the Sikhs have their own Literature, their folk songs, dances and their own history. The history is a saga of chivalry and sacrifices.

These are a few basic points of the Sikh culture that are specific to Sikhism only. Hence, Sikh culture is a unique and is a lot different from that of others.



The Sikh Culture
What is Sikh Philosophy?
Practising Sikhism
Guru in Sikhism
What is a Sikh?
Dastaar (The Sikh Turban)
Kirpaan (The Sikh Sword)
Hair, Beard and Moustache
Marriage, Divorce & Abortion in Sikhism
Death in Sikhism
Sin in Sikhism
Food, Dress & Entertainment for a Sikh
Sikh Nomenclature
Sikh Festivals
How to attend a Gurdwara?
Ardaas (The Sikh National Prayer)
Charhdi Kala (The Sikh Concept of High Spirits)
The Sikh National Anthem
Siropao (The Sikh Robe of Honour)
Impact of Guru Sahib on the Punjab