Bhai Gurdas - The First Sikh Scholar

Bhai Gurdas - The First Sikh Scholar

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Author: Surinderjit Singh Pall
Publisher: B Chattar Singh Jiwan Singh
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 216
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176015075


The book under reference Bhai Gurdas -The First Sikh Scholar shows author's love for Sikh doctrine and tenets. He has covered various aspects of the Life, personality and the works of Bhai Gurdas who was a great genius and had possessed an extra ordinary intellectual ability as reflected in Vaars and Kabbit Sawaiyyas.

This is perhaps the first book in English to deal with so many aspects of the great genius. The various chapters covering these aspects, in fact, inspire for further research work on such aspects. The writer has candidly expressed his desire that more research should be done on this great scholar of Sikhism as the understand and appreciate the hidden spiritual meaning and significance of the scriptures. The writer has pointed out that so far no research, worth the name has been done in this regard.

He has also expressed his surprise that not even a single day is dedicated throughout the year to the memory of such a genius. It is hoped that this book will attract the attention of all concerned for giving the much desired attention to the great scholar of Sikh religion and will inspire the scholars to undertake the task of research on his life and marvellous work for spreading and preaching the Sikh tenets and philosophy.

The concerned organizations will also select a suitable day which may be celebrated in the memory of the great scholar. Mr Pall deserves congratulation for writing this inspiring work and drawing the attention of the Sikh intelligent to saint Paul of Sikhism.


Bhai Gurdas - The First Sikh Scholar Life and Works

Bhai Gurdas - A Genius Philosopher

Vaars, Kabbits & Swaiyyas

Bhai Gurdas's Contribution to Sikh History

Bhai Gurdas as an Interpreter of Gurbani

Bhai Gurdas's Art of Story Telling

Bhai Gurdas - Elucidator of Sikhism

Bhai Gurdas as an Exponent of Sikh Way of Life

Poet and The Man

Summing Up