Collision With The Infinite - A Life Beyond the Personal Self

Collision With The Infinite - A Life Beyond the Personal Self

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Author: Suzanne Segal
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 177
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178221136


The autobiography is the extraordinary story of how a young jewish woman from the Midwest came to terms with the powerful transformation despite the mind's relentless attempts to pathologize it, and how the experience ultimately blossomed into full Self-realization.

It is an account of the fourteen-year aftermath of a complete and irrevocable shattering of personal identity, a permanent switching off and falling away of everything. This book desires to provide a context and a companion for those whose destiny it is to experience the emptiness of personal self thrusting itselt to the foreground in unimaginable ways.

Collision with the Infinite is an amazingly honest, fascinating, and vivid account of one woman's awakening to her essential emptiness-and her eventual discovery, through much pain and fear, that as emptiness-fullness it is freedom from pain and fear.

In fact, this awakening is available, right now and just as one is, to all who dare to look in at the infinite and wide-awake space or capacity they are looking out of.
-Douglas Harding


This is an extraordinary account of the experience of selflessness. It points to the heart of spiritual practice-even though the language it uses does not emphasize the importance of practice.

An excellent read. This book can serve as a catelyst for the appreciation of the emptiness of self-existence rather than the abhorrence and fear of it.




Early Years
The Transcendent Field
Prelude to Emptiness
Collision with Emptiness
Devaluing Emptiness
Analyzing Emptiness
Emptiness Recognized as Vastness
The Secret of Emptiness
Living The Vastness

Conversations with the Vastness