Path Without Form - A Journey into the Realm Beyond Thought

Path Without Form - A Journey into the Realm Beyond Thought

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Author: Robert Powell
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 241
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178221357


In Path Without Form, Dr Robert Powel invites the reader to accompany him on his own adventures in self-exploration-a journey that spanned several decades and eventually led him to the ultimate teaching of the non-dual nature of reality. It may help others in their own emancipation. This is where the mind and intellect cannot reach and which is beyond words. Yet in these books, Dr Powell does a masterful job clearly indicating the path to where we ever have been.

Only by turning within, or by self-enquiry, can anything of value be discovered and made one's own. And truly great discoveries await the one who is sufficiently motivated by his love for such self-inquiry! Any authentically acquired insight can then be the starting point for an ever-deepening exploration, for only through proper understanding of what one is can deliverance be brought about from all that which binds us.

In this process, the external teacher can function only as a catalyst; that is, he can lead us to the well but cannot make us drink the clear waters of what is.


The ultimate teaching is the seeing of the entire world in not even a grain of sand, but a single point-and a point that is dimensionless. That mystical point then serves as the entry into an entirely new dimension-the world of the truly spiritual, However, for the individual embracing this ultimate teaching the vision of the non-duality of reality does not mean that be has arrived. On the contrary, it is a mere beginning and the understanding has to be constantly tested in life's experience, so that each moment is a new reality. This process of learning, from moment to moment, is a never-ending movement. But without that vision of the wholeness of things, nothing is of avail; we cannot begin to travel on the spiritual path.
-Robert Powell

Adventures in self-exploration-but with a twist, Readers versed in Hindu thought will most likely be intrigued by the way Powell spins out its implications for authentic living.
-Library Journal




Truth Seeker
The Primal Delusion
Freedom from the Known
The Fragmentary and the Holistic Approach towards Understanding
Where to Start in the Spiritual Life?
The Numbers Game
The Numbers Game (2)
On the Importance of Self-Esteem
When Does Life Begin?
Work Within the System, or Without?
No More Violent Confrontations
Ha Man a Future?
The Golden Rule
The High I Q's Shall Inherit the Earth
Negative Imagination
Why Does God Allow Suffering?
The Pleasure Trap
Just One Little Thing


Morality and Spirituality
Some Observations on Upanishads and Early Greek Thought
Birthless and Deathless
Who Am I ? The Impossible Question
Clearing the Semantic Fog Around Our Self
From Thought to Insight: An Unbridgeable Gap
The Razor-Edged Path
A New Approach to an Old Problem
Seeing Through Oneself
The Freeze or Not to Freeze, That is the Question-Or is It?
The Discovery of Immortality
The Observer is the Observed
Eternity is Ever Now
Life, Death, and Reincarnation
Man, a Self-Determined and Self-Conditioned Entity
The Ultimate Transcendence of the Body-Mind System
Know Your Beginning
About the Reality or Unreality of Reality
Advaita (Non-Daulity)-The Ultimate Teaching
A Turned-Around Life
Questions and Answers