Father Samuel and Other Stories

Father Samuel and Other Stories

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Author: Chandrasekhar Rath
Translator(s): Ashok K Mohanty
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 260
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8126017619


Twenty five stories handpicked here by the author are from a wide range of choice. Every story has a grip of its own, some of them very moving like Father Samuel, Silent prayer for Runi or the youngest daughter; others eerie and mysterious like True of false? Yayati, The story of the absentee or The dream peddler and yet others loaded with pathos like Museum, The bird of passage. A subtler form of love oozes out of stories like At midnight today or The woman with a hunchback. In fact any story can be chosen for a treat.


ASHOK K MOANTY (B 1951) is a critic and translator. He is the professor of Finance in the Department of Business Administration in Berhampur University.


Father Samuel
All the dreams
Silent prayer for Runi
The blessed morning
At midnight today!
The woman with a hunchback
The bird of passage
The story of Five sons
The Youngest daughter
Endanger us
The auction of a house
One season a year: Three days to the season
The left-side of the path
Hard time
The shadow fight
Arise Bhubaneswar!
The dream peddlar
The question mark
True or false ?
The story of the absentee
Rebirth of a tree
The last scene