Hindu-Christian Meeting Point

Hindu-Christian Meeting Point

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Author: Abhishiktananda
Translator(s): Sara Grant
Publisher: ISPCK
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-7214-369-9


SWAMI ABHISHIKTANANDA (Dom Henri Le Saux) came to India in 1948, convinced that a spiritual meeting between Christianity and the great Eastern religions would inevitably come in the near future, and that it would be of immense significance both for the Church and the world. He therefore set out boldly to explore the heart of Hindu spirituality, first as a lonely pioneer, and later with a growing number of friends whose Christian commitment led them to share his concern.

The fruits of his experience are garnered in a number of highly original books which, since his death in 1973, are being increasingly appreciated. His Hindu-Christian Meeting Point is probably the best introductions to the dialogue which he lived so deeply.

As the translator says in her Foreword:

This book takes us to the sources of both religions-the Upanishads and the Bible-and its aim is strictly practical; we go to the Upanishads to understand the Advaita and to the Bible to discover how the Advaitic experience can be related to the Christian revelation. In so doing we are led through certain passages of the New Testament, and especially of he Gospel of John, to what can be described as an authentic Christian culmination of the Advaitic experience.

We are sure that many will be delighted to follow him in the contemplative readings of Scripture-both Christian and Hindu-contained in this book (now printed for the fifth time), which are so different from the dry intellectual approach of academic studies.





A Catholic Ecumenism

From the Kavery to the Himalayas

Return to the Sources

The Gentiles in the Bible

The Intuitions of the Rishis

The Johannine Upanishads

Some Problems discussed

In the presence of the Mystery