An Introduction to Indian Anthropology

An Introduction to Indian Anthropology

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Author: Makhan Jha
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 171
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0706988345


The broad spectrum of Anthropological History of India is, for the first time presented in a lucid manner providing good reading to the layman and an invaluable reference book.

From the dawn of the Stone Age, to the Proto-Historic (or Indus Valley Civilization) dimensions of Indian culture, the ethnographic profiles of Indian tribes with special reference to this geographical distribution, racial and linguistic classifications. As also the bases of Indian social systems with special reference to the Varna Vaivastha; Ashram Vaivastha, the four Purusarthas, Hindu joint family etc, are elucidated in a simple straight forward manner.

Also discussed meticulously are the tribe-caste continuum, nature-man-spirit complex, problems of the tribal people, the problems of culture provisions, the scheduled castes in India and constitutional provisions and the process of national integration.



The Stone Age in India

Ethnographic Profiles of Indian Tribes

The Bases of Indian Social System

Growth of Indian Anthropology and Basic Concepts

Problems of Tribal People

Problems of Culture Contact

Tribal Administration and Constitutional Provisions

Scheduled Castes of India

The Process of National Integration