Medieval History of India

Medieval History of India

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Author: Meera Singh
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 423
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0706991451


Medieval History of India is the prescribed standard text and reference book for graduate and post-graduate students of the Chandigarh, Patiala and Pune Universities. Beginning with the 7th-12 century confrontation with the Arabs, it carries on to deal exhaustively with every major development that took place in Indian History, right upto decline of the Mughal Empire.

The Turkish incursions into the sub-continent under Ghazni and Ghori is presented in a detailed manner, as also is the Delhi Sultanate; the origin of the Khijis, their conquests, their reforms, their policies and their legacy; and the Tughlaq dynasty, very aptly dubbed as Rule of Contradictions by the author.

A readable discussion upon the administrative structure of the Delhi Sultanate, its decline and the causes of Afghan failure to maintain any kind of hold in North India is most emulating while the simultaneous happenings in South India, mainly in the Bahamani and the Vijayanagar Empires, their rise and decline, are also discussed.

A very detailed account of the Mughal period, covering social, political and administrative aspects of that period form the last portion of the book.


Confrontation with Arabs (7th-12th Century A D)

The Turkish Breakthrough-Ghazni Versus Ghori

The Sultanate

The Imperial Thrust

Rule of Contradiction-The Rise of Tughlaqs
Twilight of the Sultanate
Bahmani VS. Vijayanagar

The Administrative Infra-Structure of the Delhi Sultanate

Babur-The Path-Breaker

Humayun-The Contemplator

The Interregnum: Sher Shah Suri

An Emperor's Genius: The Saga of Akbar

In the Wake of Affluence Jahangir and Nurjahan: The Consort

Shahjahan: The Early Tremors (1628 A D- 1658 A D)

Aurangzeb: The Bigot's Dilemma

The Mughal Infra-Structure