India After Independence For Children

India After Independence For Children

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Author: Anurag Mehta
Publisher: Nita Mehta Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 216
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176760366


A new phase in the history of India began when we achieved freedom. This book features the major events and the developments that have taken place in India since independence. Over the years, India has made great progress in various fields-social, economic, political, scientific, etc., and the book tells this remarkable story. India's relationship with other countries of the world and its role in the international sphere is also explained. The various events described in the book have been explained in simple language, keeping in mind the comprehending ability of children. The events are complimented with beautiful illustrations which fascinate children.

The book should be essential reading for children of all ages.

What was India, right after independence?
How India became the leading nation in IT?
How it became the sixth nuclear power in the world?
How India has become the 4th largest industrial nation?

Answers to these and many other such questions are there in the book. This is one book which every child should read to develop a sense of pride for the country and value for independence.



The British Rule
Independent India
Immediate problems of Independent India
India becomes a Republic
The Language Problem
Building of a Nation
India and the World
Indian Political Parties
Indira Gandhi Becomes Prime Minister
The J P Movement & the Emergency
Public Response to the Emergency
Rajiv Gandhi Becomes Prime Minister
Demolition of Babri Masjid
Economic Reforms since 1991
India Achievements in Sports
Indian Women Since Independence
Some of the Famous Faces of India
India's present and Future
States of India & Their Capitals
Presidents of India
Prime Ministers of India