201 Diet Tips for Heart Patients

201 Diet Tips for Heart Patients

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Author: Bimal Chhajer
Publisher: Fusion Books
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8128807153


There are over sixty million heart patients in India today and the number is growing fast at an alarming rate. Out of the fifteen major reasons responsible for developing heart diseases, at least ten are related to diet. The two major components of artery blockage are Cholesterol and Triglycerides (fats), both of which are supplied to the body by our diet. Diet also adversely affects high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and LDL Cholesterol. Some kinds of food can increase HDL Cholesterol.

All these factors suggest that diet modification is a must to prevent as well as to stop the progress of coronary heart diseases or to reverse the blockage that may turn out to be fatal in certain cases. Everyone agrees about this diet modification but most of the common people do not have adequate advice on this aspect from cardiologists.

Many of them go to dieticians but end up with a diet chart that cannot be followed for the rest of their life. But this book is a boon for all such patients as it answers all their queries concerning the ideal diet, which they can keep under their control, explained in a simple and lucid style, Queries regarding diet-such as calculation of calories, composition of diet, details about the fat content of various food items as well as what is good and bad for the heart-are answered in a reader-friendly style and simple language.


Fats And Oils
Cereals and Pulses
Milk and Milk Products
Meat and Egg
Leafy Vegetables
Other Vegetables
Nuts and Oilseeds
Roots and Tubers
Tea and Coffee
Soups and Juices
Alcohols and Wine
Salt and Hypertension
Obesity and Food
Under Weight
Mode of Cooking