Khushwant Singh - In the Name of the Father

Khushwant Singh - In the Name of the Father

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Author: Rahul Singh
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 144
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174363157


In the Name of the Father is Rahul Singh's biography of the Sex, Scotch and Scholarship icon of India-his father, Khushwant Singh. From school through college, the not a nice man to know distinguished himself more as a prankster and a tennis pro than as a student. A turbulent courtship with the beautiful Kaval Malik culminated in marriage. The Lahore High Court plagued with touts was traded for diplomatic postings in England and Canada. A stint at the UNESCO in Paris followed. Much t the disappointment of his father, Sir Sobha Singh, he cut short a diplomatic career for an assignment with All India Radio.

An outstanding journalist and columnist, Khushwant Singh has earned respect and malice in equal measure. An accomplished historian and novelist, he returned the Padma Bhushan in Protest against Operation Blue Star. He was a Member of Parliament from 1980 to 1986.

In the Name of the Father is also a tribute to a father who helped out with love, and an occasional bottle of rum.



From Hadali to Delhi
School and College
Westward Bound and an Engagemnt
Life in Lahore
A Stint in the Foreign Service
A Literary and Cultural Journey
The Historian and the Editor
The Emergency and a Firing
Return to Delhi
Tryst with Politics
My Mother
Khushwant Singh- II Santo Grande
Through the Eyes of Others