Feminism-Theory, Criticism, Analysis

Feminism-Theory, Criticism, Analysis

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Author: Sushila Singh
Publisher: Pencraft International
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 188
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185753172


This book is organized around three approaches towards understanding feminism-theoretical tenets, literary criticism, and applications. Beginning with an account of the nature of feminist ideology, the book proceeds to examine the complexities of feminist thought and the major concerns of feminist theory. This brings into close focus the issues of the otherness and marginality of woman, the essentialist/constructionist binarism in feminist theory, the relational and individualistic aspects of feminist thought, and the spurt in feminist thought and theory in the wake of poststructuralist theories. The critique ultimately centers on the question-is woman born or made?

Feminist literary criticism, as outlined in the book, has developed as a component of the women’s movement and its impact ha brought about a revolution in literary studies. It has opened up altogether new perspectives and provided refreshing and insightful strategies in reading and responding to literary texts. This study offers an analysis of the selected works of Norman Mailer, Joyce Carol Oates, Margaret Atwood and Margaret Drabble form this perspective. The newly emerging dimensions of feminism have also been discussed in the context of the politics of post-colonial culture.



Feminism: The Movement and the Ideology

Recent Trends in Feminist Thought: A Tour de Horizon

Utopian Element in Feminist Thought

Essentialist / Constructionist Binarism in Feminist Literary Theory

Feminist Literary Criticism: Breaking the Silence

Outlining Feminist Literary Criticism: Woman as Reader/Writer Perspective

Woman and Academe in America (1860-1900): A Historical Perspective

From the relational to the Individualistic: Woman thought in Elizabeth Cady Stanton

The Frontier in American history and the Concept of Masculinity

Women in Norman Mailer’s Novels

Margaret Drabble in quest for the Middle Ground

Joyce Carol Oates: The Woman Question in her Exploration of the Contemporary Human Condition

Joyce Carol Oates and Margaret Atwood: Two Faces of the New World Feminism

Woman of the American West: Cultural Pluralism and the Question of Identity

Multiplying Identities: Theorizing Difference

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