Bharatpur - A Saga of Invincible Courage

Bharatpur - A Saga of Invincible Courage

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Author: Chob Singh Verma
Publisher: Konark
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 315
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122006639


India in the 18th Century underwent a very turbulent phase. The mighty Mughal empire had started slowly decaying form the very dawn of this eventful Century. Warring indigenous powers like the Marathas and the Rajputs were quite well-known then. But an altogether different and relatively unknown power-the Jats-began making an impact which was felt and noticed by the Indian polity.

The powerful elements at the imperial court found it expedient to win over the Jats in order to retain power and rejuvenate the declining empire. From this very volatile and martial race emerged the most powerful Indian potentate, Maharaja Suraj Mal, who occupied a key-position in the political affairs of contemporary Hindustan. The Jats played an important role in the annals of the later Mughal period of Indian history. Most historians for a long time ignored this obscure race and its heroes.

But some very extraordinary heroics by them compelled later historians to take note.. The true role of Jats has never been highlighted, or chronicled in a holistic method. A humble attempt has been made through this book to present a chronological rise of the Jats from their position as tillers of others’ fields to becoming rulers of a vast tract of land. Hope this treatise will prove a treasure-house for students of history, travelers, and tourists and of course the bird watchers!

The simple and down-to-earth Jat peasants of Braj Mandal were happy ploughing their fields, till persecution and oppression by the Mughal nobility turned them into rebels. To safeguard their individual liberty and social honour the Jats took to swords and guns. They first built mud-forts and gradually, brick by brick raised grand palaces and forts, which soon proved the enemy cannon balls ineffective.

The Jats acquired the very land which they had been ploughing as tenants. Propelled onto the centre stage of north Indian polity in the mid-18th century, they succeeded in carving out a kingdom for themselves and choose their king. An absorbing saga of a race which progressed from being mere tillers of their masters lands to adorning the royal throne right next to the Mughal seat of power. A riveting and fascinating story of 18th century Hindustan’s political life. An inspiring chronicle of the gradual yet phenomenal rise of the fabled royal house of Bharatpur.



Lohagarh: The Invincible Fort of India
The People: Tribal, Enterprising and Sons of the Soil
The beginning of an unchartered journey towards freedom and kingdom
Forming an identity and the phenomenal emergence of leadership
Evolution of a State Power: The Foundation of the Ruling House of Bharatpur
The Matrimony and Progeny of Raja Badan Singh
Suraj Mal: The Great Strategist of the Jat Tribe
The Great Siege of Kumher: A Clash of Titans
Twist and Turns of Events after the Kumher Siege
Suraj Mal’s Disappointment with the Maratha Chief-The Prelude to Panipat
Expansion of Suraj Mal’s Power, Conquest of Haryana and Life’s Last Battle
Legacy of Suraj Mal
Nahar Singh: Suraj Mal’s Benjamin
The Great Siege and Fall of Deeg (May 1775-April 1776)
An Unparalleled but Failed British Siege of Bharatpur (1805)
The Last Siege and Fall of Bharatpur-Hindustan’s Pride and Glory Crumbles
An Extended Fraternity-
The Brethren States of Mursan and Hathras
Movers and Shakers of Bharatpur State
Rani Kishori-A Pillar and Guardian of Bharatpur State
The European Generals in Bharatpur Army
The Naga Sannyasis or Gosains and the Bharatpur State
The Important Milestones of Bharatpur State
Mewat-A Fascinating Zone of Turbulence
Bayana-The Burial Place of Many Illustrious Men
Wair-An Oasis of Eastern Rajasthan
The Memorials of Bharatpur Rulers at Govardhan and Vrindaban
Deeg-A Historicla City of Gardens and Water-palaces
Bharatpur Bird’ Sanctuary-A Birdwatcher’s Delight
Regalia Fantasia


Names of Suraj Mal’s Brother in Alphabetical Order
Genealogy of Bharatpur Rulers
The Later Mughals



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